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ZODIAC FFRPG 4th edition is in development! (Agent Boogeyman's note: Or at least a huge revision to some of the material, so basically a new edition)
Agent Boogeyman's 2nd Note: Also, I have added my contact info to the contact page


Ah, the fabled Third Edition, where many RPGs before us have found the mythical Game Balance of legend. ZODIAC has gone through a lot in a very short amount of time to reach this point, and to be honest, it looks a lot different now than how I envisioned it almost a year ago- but if I may say so, it’s better. We’ve seen two major revisions, the opening of the ZODIAC Mailing List, and a few fan-written submissions to the Optional Rules. As for the Third Edition; after a simple modification led to a complete rewrite of the system, which led us down more dead ends and wrong turns than any of us could have predicted, we’re finally finished. ZODIAC Third is quite a bit different than either the first or second editions, and it was a lot of work, but it was worth it. What you see now is a vast improvement over the original ZODIAC, with the greatest flexibility and ease of play, yet also the strongest game balance, we’ve seen thus far. The ZODIAC team has worked hard to bring you this new edition of the ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed working on it.
-S. Ferguson
Creator, Webmaster, and Head of Design
December 20, 2001
ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG Creator

These words were created by the great Mentalespsy, but due to reasons known to him, he has decided to pass ZODIAC on to anyone who cares to care for his creation for those many Final Fantasy RPG fans out there. I, Froggotten Silvertongue, have decided to take charge and continue the dream, continue the plan, and continue the ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG.


You can Download the Core Rules in the Downloads page. Just right click and 'save target as'

ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG is now on facebook! Check us out! 'ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG Club'

Core Rulebook: corrected the new Haste and Slow

General Discussion Thread added, Campaign Recruiting removed

ZODIAC's Core Rules will be updated, and will include the Aeon Summoning system, as well as New status effects (Gradual Petrify, Bubble, and others from Seth's Rule dump)

Charge Power reworked; now SP Cost aren't debilitating.

AgentBoogeyman is now a Moderator.

DFroGGotten1, (Admin) has returned, and is working to add more material to the site.