Alchemy is the skill employed by Chemists, Alchemists, and other support classes focused on aiding their allies. Most of the techs in this set are named after potions that may be bought, and to users of alchemy, there is no difference between a Dispel items they create and one that they buy. Alchemy is a time-consuming art, and to reflect this, all Alchemy techs use Charge Power.
Note: With the GM's permission. Alchemy may be used to create physical potions for other players to use.

Ether/Hi Ether/Super Ether/X-Ether
Primary Effect: Healing (Medium)
Secondary Effect: MP Affect (Full MP)
The Ether is a special type of potion that, while not restoring a character's physical health, restores their mental reserves. This is good for characters that usually rely on casting powerful abilities.
Note: While there are four names for this tech, it is all considered to only have the one effect. At the player's option, this tech may be split into different power levels as follows. Ether is Weak Healing, Hi Ether is Medium, Super Ether is High, and X-Ether is High with the added effect of Boost. GMs may allow the Player to create one as a parent and have the other techs as clones.

Phoenix Down/Phoenix Pinion
Primary Effect: Revive
The Phoenix is a legendary bird that, at the end of its life, bursts into flames and becomes reborn from the ashes. Its magic is so potent that its feathers hold the power to bring back allies from the dead.
Note: Like with the Ether notes above. Phoenix Down/Phoenix Pinion may be multiple techs if the player so wishes, with Phoenix Down returning a portion of health and Phoenix Pinion returning all of the target's health.

Potion/Hi Potion/Super Potion/X-Potion
Primary Effect: Healing (Medium)
While not particularly flashy, potions are essential. They restore the life essence of a character that has taken damage. This is an invaluable recipe for a budding chemist.
Note: At the players option, they may choose to split the potions up into different power levels, similar to the Ether example above.

Primary Effect: Healing (Strong)
Secondary Effect: MP Affect (Half-HP, Half-MP)
Secondary Effect: Boost
An elixir is a powerful potion, and when consumed it will refill both a character's Hit Points and Magic Points.

Unique Effect: Esuna
Remedies are another unique potion. When consumed, a Remedy will remove any and all maladies from the imbiber's body.

Dispel Potions

The following alchemy techs effectively recreate the effects of the potions of the same name. As such, no creative descriptions will be given.

Unique Effect: Dispel (Curse)

Unique Effect: Dispel (Poison)

Unique Effect: Dispel (Mini)

Echo Screen
Unique Effect: Dispel (Seal)

Eye Drops
Unique Effect: Dispel (Blind)

Maiden's Kiss
Unique Effect: Dispel (Frog)

Unique Effect: Dispel (Zombie)

Unique Effect: Dispel (Stone)

Unique Effect: Dispel (Berserk)

Unique Effect: Dispel (Venom)