Armor Type: Balance

Druids are almost always protected by some sort of amulet enchanted with animal or nature spirits. These amulets are powered by the goodwill of the earth, granting the druid protections as great as that of any mail shirt trough a combination of superhuman durability and powerful shielding.

Armor Name HP MP Special Cost
Wooden Amulet +20 +2 75
Water Drop +30 +3 Resist Fire 150
Vine Root +50 +4 400
Tiger's Tooth +80 +6 +11 Agility 800
Amber Reflections +100 +10 1,200
Quartz Crystal +130 +14 +15 Magic, Lightning Weakness 2,000
White Hare +160 +18 Immune to Stun and Slow 3,000
Eagle's Claw +200 +20 +19 Strength, Wind Weakness 5,000
Earth Heart +250 +25 Physical Defense 8,000
Lasceux +350 +35 +12 Resist, Magical Defense -

Wooden Amulet
A druid's first amulet protects him from harm and strengthens his ties with nature… but not by much.

Water Drop
This amulet has sealed within fresh clear spring water enchanted by the river spirits. It is especially good at avoiding the bane of nature: fire.

Vine Root
Weaved of tough plant vines, this amulet gives considerable protection to its owner.

Tiger's Tooth
A tooth donated by a friendly tiger forms the basis of this enchanted protection. Tigers are quick, and few can deny the power of their presence.

Amber Reflections
This amulet of amber lends its properties of encasement and hardness to its wearer, but it also grants it the wisdom of the ages past.

Quartz Crystal
Quartz is often thought to have a mystical property in addition to its protective powers. This insight comes at a price, though… the typically hardened crystal is often shattered by bolts from on high.

White Hare
Nothing moves as quickly and decisively as a rabbit under attack. This particular amulet grants strong defensive abilities, and prevents its wearer from suffering moments of indecision.

Eagle's Claw
High above the earth, the eagle has little to fear but the wind, and he finds himself strong and serene, master of all below him.

Earth Heart
Earth Heart amulets bestow the legendary power and durability of the earth on their wearer, granting him protection from all things physical, and making him a true defender of the earth.

This artifact has been lost for ages, and is reputed to contain the sympathetic magic of the ancients, holding wisdom and magical protection beyond all comprehension.