Unlike the violent Pyromancer, the Aquamancer's water-based powers are generally used to heal and protect, rather than to destroy. This makes them no less useful in combat, however, for the subtlety of healing is sometimes more valuable than any attack spell. But the Aquamancer's gentle nature does not mean he is incapable of fighting; his spells command all the power of raging waterfalls and crashing tidal waves.

Primary: Status Effect (Sleep)
Secondary: Area Effect, Single Use
When diplomacy fails, the Aquamancer turns to magic to defuse a dangerous situation. The Calm spell attempts to soothe an angry group of monsters into a dreamless sleep, but if Calm proves ineffective, there is no choice but to fight.

Primary: Neutralize
Flooding the target's body with magical energy, the Aquamancer washes away its elemental defenses, leaving it more vulnerable to attack.

Cure Water
Primary: Healing (Medium)
The essence of water is the essence of healing, and the simple Cure Water is the first power mastered by the novice Aquamancer.

Glacial Blast
Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
Secondary: Lesser Status Effect (Stop)
Elemental: Ice
Forming a huge, jagged icicle and magically launching it towards it target, a Glacial Blast often freezes its victim solid.

Healing Mist
Primary: Healing (Medium)
Secondary: Area Effect
The Healing Mist spell releases a cool, gentle mist that soothes injuries and heals damage.

Ice Shield
Primary: Status Effect (Barrier)
With this useful spell, the Aquamancer conjures a solid shield of thick ice. If one can withstand the coldness radiating from the shield, it can be used to great effect to block incoming blows… at least, until it melts away.

Liquid Form
Primary: Invulnerability (Physical)
Secondary: Self-Only
When an Aquamancer has achieved true mastery of his art, he is able to transform his body into living water. He can sustain this form only briefly, but while transformed, sword and arrow alike pass harmlessly through his body.

Primary: Status Effect (Regen, Reraise)
Secondary: Area Effect
The rivers of the world flow tirelessly into the sea as they have from the dawn of time, a cycle of cleansing and purity. This spell bestows the timeless nature of water upon the Aquamancer's allies.

Tidal Wave
Primary: Attack Magic (Strong)
Secondary: Area Effect, Limited Uses
Elemental: Water
This spell creates a great tidal wave to wash over the battlefield, crushing the Aquamancer's enemies with tremendous force. However, this spell draws upon the natural moisture in the atmosphere to form the wave, meaning it can be used but a few times before the air is too dry to support another casting.