Archery is the skill employed by those who use bows for their attacks. A great deal of archery is the ability to aim the shot to debilitate a foe instead of damaging them.

Unique: Debilitate
A rarely employed ability of archery is shooting at the heel of the opponent, causing a random weakness to one element.

Primary: Stat Booster (Speed)
Archers tend to get an adrenaline boost in battle, despite most of the time staying out of the way of danger.

Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
Secondary: Charge Power
A staple ability of archers is being able to choose a vital spot on their target before letting their arrows fly. The downside is the longer time it takes to line up the shot.

Arm Shot
Primary: Break Arts (Strength)
In an attempt to disable their opponent's ability to harm them, an archer may aim a short at the target's primary arm, forcing them to switch weapon hands.

Primary: Quadra-Slam
Another well known ability of archers is firing multiple shots at once, usually no more than four though.

Flash Arrow
Primary: Status Effect (Blind)
Some archers carry special arrows that, when fired, leave a bright trail of light that can cause temporary blindness when looked upon.

Head Shot
Primary: Fatal Blow
While difficult, an archer can attempt to line up a shot to instantly kill their quarry with a well placed arrow to the head.

Unique: Scan
Like rangers, an archers is trained to understand their enemies strengths and weaknesses.

Leg Shot
Primary: Break Arts (Speed)
Aligning a shot with the target's legs can seriously debilitate how quickly the archer's foe moves, which is the main goal of this skill.

Poison Tip
Primary: Status Effect (Poison)
While not one of the archer's usual abilities, they too see the use in fast acting poisons and may sometimes employ such tricks when attacking larger foes.

Sonic Arrow
Primary: Status Effect (Seal)
Another special arrow of many archers. This arrow is carved in such a way as to produce a high-pitched shriek, deafening nearby listeners.