STR Average
MAG Below Average
VIT High
AGI Above average
Command Deathblow
Support Toughness or Weapon Guard
Weapon Katana (5P/1M)
Armor Geared Vest (Balanced)
Guard Gauntlets
Tech Set Assassination

Assassins are the one of the toughest classes to master. The Assassin must be skilled in use of magic classified as 'hinderances' to their target, as well as perfect their speed above all else. The ways of the Assassin are harsh, upon themselves and others, because with every single confirmed kill, there is a unconscious fear of falling to the same fate. But a Assassin cannot let this fear be seen, or her very world will fall apart. Assassins specialize is the art of killing others, but the way to that point of mastery is long, and there isn't a single easy path to get there.