Primary: Slow
The Assassin summons up a cloud of filth and disease around her target. This cloud is filled with diseases such as the measels and its like. The disruption of motor functions caused by this , namely the shakes, causes the foe to be slower then usual.

Primary: Seal
The Assassin sends energy to two fingers, the fore and middle fingers, then dashes at the target and strikes them in the throat where the voice box is located. The strike disrupts the foe's energy used to cast spells by voice. Very useful against mages and spell-dependent monsters.

Last Breath
Primary: Fatal Blow
An Assassin's signature move, she readies her weapon for an attack, and dashes across the field at an inhuman speed, such speed that not even the foe can keep up with her. Suddenly, the Assassin appears behind the target and slams her blade in through the back at the location of the heart. The victim draws its last breath before dying.

Primary: DSentence, Sleep
The eyes of the Assassin glows with a calming blue light, causing the target to fall asleep. Within the dreamland, The victim of Nightmare suffers from horrible, terrifying dreams filled with monsters and demons. If it awakens before the dream is over, it'll see its nightmarish things and panic, thinking and feeling its all real. One of the nightmarish things will kill him, though no one else will know it was it…becuase it's only a dream.

Primary: Stone
Summoning grey energy into her hands, the Assassin dashes at the target and slams both hands into the target's chest. The target will quickly turn to stone, starting from the points where the Assassin struck it.

Primary: Stop
The Assassin charges and slams a fist filled with red energy into a target's shadow. The energy with freeze the shadow, which freezes the foe in time. With the target now frozen in time, it gives the assassin time to finish the job.

Primary: Attack Magic (S)
Secondaries: Area Effect
The most powerful move in an Assassin's arsenal, and the only one that deals direct damage, the Assassin calls upon a high amount of her energy and summons it into a ball. When enough of the magenta energy is charged, she releases it high into the sky, where it burst into multiple missiles and strikes the enemies in a frenzy of light and explosive power.