Attack Dice: d10
Magic Dice: d6
Distribution: 5P/1M
Range: Short

An axe is a large, heavy blade, sometimes double-headed, attached to a short shaft. Most axes are too large and heavy to be wielded in one hand. Used to chop down foes where they stand or swathe a path through multiple opponents, the power of a heavy, razor-sharp axe blade is not to be underestimated. The axe is a favorite with warriors everywhere who favor power over finesse. It is known to be especially popular among Dwarven soldiers.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost
Small Axe +30 +0 Magical Attack 75
Battle Axe +45 +0 Magical Attack 150
Mythril Axe +60 +0 Magical Attack 400
Rune Axe +80 +0 +5 Spirit 40% Seal 800
Lode Axe +100 +10 30% Stun Magical Attack 1,200
Thunder Axe +120 +20 Lightning Affinity, casts 'Lightning'1 Magical Attack (Lightning) 2,000
Adamant Axe +140 +30 Barrier 3,000
Berserker's Axe +160 +40 +9 Vitality +40 Strength 5,000
Stonecleaver +180 +50 Keen Edge Demi (1 / 3) 8,000
Doom Axe +230 +70 Shadow Affinity, Keen Edge, 30% Blind 80% DSentence -

Small Axe

This axe is more suited to chopping wood than to combat, but it makes a dangerous weapon nonetheless.

Battle Axe

A heavy axe designed for combat, the Battle Axe can deal heavy damage, even to armored opponents.

Mythril Axe

Forged from the silvery metal, Mythril, this axe weighs only a few pounds, yet can easily chop clear through steel.

Rune Axe

Priests of war often wield enchanted battle axes engraved with runes and holy symbols. In addition to their fearsome power in combat, they increase the magical strength of the wielder.

Lode Axe

A heavy double-bladed cleaver, the Lode Axe is difficult to wield, but can deal massive amounts of damage in the right hands.

Thunder Axe

These axes are imbued with the power of thunder, and their wielders can call down bolts of lightning to weaken their foes before finishing them off with a devastating blow.

Adamant Axe

Deep underground in their renowned smithies, Dwarven craftsmen forge mighty axes made of the legendary ore Adamantium. Completely unbreakable, these axes can cleave through nearly anything in a single blow.

Berserker Axe

The Berserker's Axe is a massive battle axe used by the barbarians of the far north. Those few mighty axes that make it into the hands of foreigners are said to impart the courage and strength of the berserker warriors who crafted them.


Named after its Dwarven creator, the Stonecleaver axes are among the most devastating weapons known to man. With a blade sharp enough to split a hair down the middle, and heavy enough to smash a granite boulder into splinters, a Stonecleaver is almost unstoppable in combat.

Doom Axe

It is rumored that this axe was forged in the pits of hell, intended to imprison for eternity the chaotic spirit of a demon who rebelled against his masters. How this terrible weapon made it to the mortal realm is not known. Whomever comes into possession of it becomes a force to be reckoned with… until he inevitably meets a gruesome end, at which point the axe changes hands, and the cycle begins anew.