Bestial Power

Bestial Power

Eye of the Tiger
Primary: Strength Boost
Secondaries: Self-Only, Charge Power
A trance-like state perfected by a Berserker while in battle, the Eye of the Tiger give him more then enough brute power to tear his foes limb from limb. Berserkers usually use this ability right before going into a rage to increase his devastating strength even further.

Bear Hug
Primary: Armor Break
Secondaries: Short Range, Lesser Curse
A Berserker's 'Bear Hug' is a force not to be reckoned with. The muscles of a massive Berserker, when used properly, can crush even the thickest of armors until it is nothing more then tin foil in protection. This gives the Berserker an advantage against enemies that have tough defenses.

Diehard Vengeance
Primary: Revenge
Secondaries: Short Range, Area Effect
They say an animal is more dangerous when cornered. Well, if the Berserker is some type of animal when cornered, It would be a Behemoth. The Berserker takes all the pain it has taken to that point, and releases it into a large scale raging killzone. Everything around the Berserker that isn't ally (or flying above the Berserker's head) becomes a target and will most likely die by the Berserker's own hands.

Wolf Fangs
Primary: Power Attack (W)
Secondaries: Short Range, Drain 50%
The Berserker becomes as ravenous as a hungry wolf. So much that he believes he is the hungry wolf. Using his very teeth, the Berserker lunges at the foe and bites into its shoulder, tentacle, fin, etc, and rips flesh from it and devours it.

Roar of the Behemoth
Primary: Power Break
Secondaries: Lesser Stun
The roar of a Behemoth is usually the last thing a novice adventurer hears before their life ends. The berserk takes this same roar for himself to weaken the bravery and strength of his foe, sometimes causing the foe to be stunned by fear.

Dualhorn Charge
Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondaries: Short Range, Charge Power
The Berserker takes his weapon and charges at a single foe. His speed and single-mindedness to crush his foe can be compared to a Dualhorn. With a power stronger then most of the greatest heroes in the world. The Berserker can destroy anyone with this charge if he is on a roll..