Black Magic

Black Magic is the magic of chaos and destruction, wielded by the powerful Black Mages. A wizard trained in Black Magic can incinerate his enemies with a fireball or drain the life force from their body. High-ranking Black Mages can obliterate entire legions of monsters with a single incantation. Practitioners of Black Magic are among the most powerful, and feared, of any character class.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: Inflicts Poison
The Bio spell bombards its target with corrosive acid and highly toxic substances. In addition to suffering heavy (and painful) damage, the victim will continue to feel the sting of the poison long after the spell is cast.

Primary: Demi Attack (Level 2)
In casting this spell, the Black Mage creates a chaotic area of high gravity around his target. The resulting forces push, pull, stretch, and compress anything caught within its area of effect, a process so painful that the target loses a third of its remaining Hit Points.

Primary: Demi Attack (Level 5)
This merciless cousin to the Demi spell tears a rift in dimensional space, and the hapless target, caught between two worlds, is warped and shredded so violently that its Hit Points are reduced by half.

Primary: Attack Magic (S)
Secondary: Area Effect, Shadow Elemental
One of the most fearsome powers that the Black Mage possesses, Doomsday opens a rift to the netherworld. The victims of this spell, caught in the rift, are bombarded by waves of evil energy of incredible power, and are attacked savagely by the angry spirits of the dead that dwell in the netherworld.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: Drain Attack (1)
The Drain spell forms a magical conduit between the Black Mage and his target, allowing him to draw the victim’s life force into himself. Drain replenishes the Black Mage’s Hit Points, at the expense of his unfortunate foes.

Primary: Attack Magic
Secondary: Elemental
The Elemental spell encompasses a wide variety of different attack forms, from fire spells to lightning bolts, and is the basis of all black magic. A wise spellcaster has access to several different elements, should one prove ineffective against his foes. High-level Black Mages typically carry multiple levels of each Elemental spell they know, in order to deal most effectively with various situations. Three is the most common number for a set of elemental attacks, with the Fire, Fira, and Firaga spells being one example. Powerful magic is certainly a necessity, but lesser spells are also important should the Mage need to conserve his MP or eliminate a weak opponent.

Primary: Inflicts Frog
A bizarre spell often used to curse less agreeable persons (and amuse the mage in the process), Frog also has applications in combat, transforming the target into a helpless toad.

Primary: Attack Magic (S)
Secondary: Amplify, Area Effect
The most powerful spell in all of Black Magic is the legendary Meteo. An extremely difficult spell to learn and cast, Meteo calls down countless flaming meteors that crash to the Earth, exploding with incredible force. When the meteor storm finally ends, there is often nothing left of the caster’s foes but ash and ruin.

Primary: Attack Magic (S)
Secondary: Amplify
Upon the casting of this spell, glowing orbs of nuclear energy streak towards a single target from all directions, exploding in a tremendous blast and dealing an incredible amount of damage. Obviously, Nuke is one of the most powerful of spells.

Unique: MP Steal
An extremely powerful spell similar to Drain, Psych allows the Black Mage to drain mental energy from his foes, replenishing his own. Psych is useful not only for sustaining the wizard’s magical energies, but for depleting the strength of spellcasting rivals.

Primary: Fatal Blow
An unreliable but powerful spell, Rub attempts to eradicate the target instantly and irrevocably. Should the spell succeed, the victim is warped out of existence, never to be seen again.

Primary: Inflicts Sleep
Secondary: Area Effect
Primarily a defensive spell, Sleep summons an anesthetizing purple mist into the area, putting the caster’s enemies into a deep slumber.

Primary: Attack Magic (S)
Secondary: Inflicts Venom
A more powerful version of the Bio spell, Virus summons a swarm of macroscopic, parasitic viruses to feed on the target. As if the effects of the swarm were not devastating enough, the victim is afflicted with a debilitating disease that rapidly consumes his remaining health.

Primary: Near-Fatal
The Weak spell conjures a fierce whirlwind that rips through a single target, reducing its Hit Points to 1. Should the victim fail to resist the spell, he will find himself greatly weakened and at the mercy at the casting wizard.