Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Distribution: 3P/3M
Range: Short Range

The traditional adventurer's weapon, the sword is one of the most popular weapons in the world, and for good reason. Their long blades are light enough to use one-handed, allowing the use of a shield or even a second weapon; yet heavy and sharp enough to cause significant damage. Many an adventurer owes his life to his trusty sword.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Ability Draw Out Cost
Short Sword +15 +15 Magical Attack 75
Long Sword +25 +25 Magical Attack 150
Silver Sword +30 +30 Magical Attack 400
Wight Slayer +40 +40 Holy Affinity, Undead Slayer +10 Magic 800
Flame Sabre +55 +55 Fire Affinity, Casts 'Fire'1 Magical Attack (Fire) 1,200
Knight Sword +70 +70 +30 Strength 2,000
Defender +85 +85 +8 Vitality Barrier 3,000
Legend Sword +100 +100 Haste 5,000
Crystal Sword +115 +115 Keen Edge Magical Attack 8,000
Excalibur +150 +150 +11 Vitality, +11 Spirit, Holy Affinity Haste, Wall -

Short Sword
Longer and broader than a dagger, but not as large as a full-size sword, this weapon is light and easy to handle, but lacks power.

Long Sword
The classic weapon of knights and soldiers everywhere, the straight-bladed long sword is powerful, but easily wielded in one hand.

Silver Sword
The silver blade of this sword is enchanted, making it stronger and sharper than any steel.

Wight Slayer
Those who hunt the undead would be wise to carry a Wight Slayer. Blessed with holy magic, no undead can stand for long against this shining sword.

Flame Sabre
This weapon's curved blade is a tongue of magical flame, enchanted to take a solid form. Though it does not harm its wielder, the heat from this weapon is hot enough to melt through steel.

Knight Sword
An elegant weapon carried by the greatest of knights, these long swords are forged from Mythril for superior attack power.

The Defender is a sword with a broad, heavy blade, enchanted with powerful defensive magic. Despite its name, however, the Defender is more than capable of dealing heavy damage in combat.

Legend Sword
The Legend Swords were originally carried by the pious knights of the most powerful kingdom in the world. They were forged from mythril, and inscribed with the legend of the creation of the world. It was believed that this engraving gave the sword great divine power; whether this was true or not is unknown, but these rare swords are highly prized today.

Crystal Sword
This sword has a transparent blade chiseled from a diamond-like crystal that is so incredibly dense it can cut through even Adamantium. Exactly what master swordsmith was able to accomplish such a feat is unknown, and no one has ever been able to even find a raw sample of the crystal, let alone craft a sword from it. Obviously, these rare and extraordinary weapons are sought after by warriors all over the globe.

The magnificent Excalibur of legend has been the weapon of countless noble knights and paladins through the long centuries of its existence, and has brought about the destruction of just as many unspeakable evils. The golden aura of Excalibur strengthens both the body and spirit of its wielder. If its full power could somehow be released, its wielder would be nearly invincible. For now, though, Excalibur sleeps in the mythical Stone, awaiting the time when a new owner will have need of its awesome power.


Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Distribution: 4P/2M
Range: Short Range

The standard weapon of any hero, longswords have long held a place in fighter's hearts since the first year of their creation.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Ability Cost
Prop Sword +20 +10 75
Kiribati +30 +15 150
Longsword +40 +20 400
Hero's Blade +50 +30 +5 Vitality 800
Wolfsbane +70 +40 Double damage vs. Lycanthropes/Wolves 1,200
Macuahuitl +90 +50 2,000
Viper's Venom +110 +60 30% Poison 3,000
Slasher +130 +70 Keen Edge 5,000
Spectral Sword +150 +80 Casts "Holy" 8,000
Zweilanzer +200 +100 +11 Vitality, Double damage vs. Dragons -

Prop Sword
A sword found in theatre plays, now sharpened for a young hero to wield.

The kiribati is a sword from a land where worked metal is not common. It is a wooden shaft with shark teeth tied along its length.

The standard sword of yore, forged from steel and pounded into shape.

Hero's Blade
Once wielded by a grand hero, this sword has passed many hands before.

A sword forged from silver. It proves especially effective against creatures of lupine anatomy.

Like the Kiribati, the Macuahuitl was formed in lands where metal is not especially common. This wooden shaft, instead of shark teeth, has obsidian shards imbedded along its length.

Viper's Venom
Wielded by General Viper during the war, this sword is said to cripple its enemies with a single cut.

Once held by the warlord Slash, this sword fell out of history for a millenium. Legend holds that it's edge can never dull.

Spectral Sword
Forged from ethereal materials, this blade launches otherworldly energy with each slash.

These two swords were once a part of the same great weapon. In ancient times, a renowned warrior wielded a great lance that took down dragons with a single mighty thrust. When fighting his final dragon, the lance snapped in half, and the warrior fell. Since the days of myth, the shards have been forged into twin blades, each powerless without their peer, and questing to restore their former glory.


Attack Dice: d10
Magic Dice: d6
Distribution: 5P/1M
Range: Short Range

While most adventurers opt for lighter one-handed swords, a few strong fighters will sacrifice the elegance of this slim blades in favor of the truly devastating Great Swords. Wielded with both hands, these swords give the wielder greater range and attack power, and can easily destroy foes that lighter swords would never scratch. Though heavy and sometimes unwieldly, a well-used Great Sword is a mighty weapon indeed.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Ability Draw Out Cost
Bastard Sword +30 +0 Magical Attack 75
Two-Handed Sword +45 +0 Magical Attack 150
Claymore +60 +0 Demi Attack 400
Flamberge +80 +0 +11 Agility Magical Attack (Fire) 800
Buster Sword +100 +10 +30 Strength 1,200
Giant Sword +120 +20 Giant Slayer Magical Attack 2,000
Crusher Blade +140 +30 35% Stone 3,000
Organics +160 +40 Keen Edge 35% Death 5,000
Ragnarok +180 +50 Fire Affinity Magical Attack (Earth) 8,000
Ultima Blade +230 +70 +11 Vitality MP Attack -

Bastard Sword
This oddly-named, but versatile, weapon can be used in one hand for greater speed, or both hands for greater damage.

Two-Handed Sword
A sword that stands six feet tall, this weapon is much more powerful than a standard long sword.

This deadly two-handed sword is more than suited to the task of taking down armored knights.

The flamberge is a savage weapon with a wavy, serrated blade, evoking the image of a dancing flame.

Buster Sword
These weapons have a very wide and heavy single-edged blade, and are useable only by warriors of tremendous strength.

Giant Sword
These weapons truly live up to their name, with a blade nearly a foot wide and over six feet long. Despite their size, they are fairly light, being forged from Mythril. Their great size makes them difficult to use in close quarters, but ideal for taking on large opponents. Many smiths capitalize on this fact by having them enchanted to slay giants with even greater ease.

Crusher Blade
Another massive sword, the Crusher Blade is chiseled from stone, and enchanted to ensure it keeps its razor edge. This weapon is extremely heavy, making it too difficult for most warriors to use, but those who are strong enough can use it to great effect. Anything not cleaved in half immediately will be crushed under the sword's enormous weight.

Designed to cause as much pain as possible, the Organics sports multiple hooked blades protruding from the main blade. Its vicious design lets it tear through practically anything.

Named after the great disaster that is prophesied to cause the end of the world, the Ragnarok blade commands all the awesome power of its namesake.

Ultima Blade
Many swords this size are clumsy and unwieldly, but this weapon's wide blade is crafted from a beautiful clear purple quartz and enchanted with great power, making it both incredibly powerful and unbelievably light. It is said that this weapon is tied to its wielder's spirit, and that the color and capabilities of the blade will shift to reflect the heart and mind of a strong-willed fighter, be they good or evil.

Legendary Blades

Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Distribution: 2P/4M
Range: Short Range

Many warriors only hear of legendary swords in myths and legends, but a rare few manage to find these blades, and even fewer are capable of wielding their power

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Ability Cost
Hrunting +10 +20 75
Naegling +15 +30 150
Dyrnwyn +20 +40 Fire Affinity 400
Excalibur +30 +50 Random 'Blind' 800
Caladbolg +40 +70 Wind Affinity, Keen Edge 1,200
Gram +50 +90 Dragon Slayer 2,000
Vajra +60 +110 Lightning Affinity 3,000
Durendal +70 +130 Holy Affinity, +9 Vitality 5,000
Kusanagi +80 +150 Wind Affinity, Keen Edge 8,000
Seraph's Savior +100 +200 Holy Affinity, Demon Slayer, Casts 'Holy'2 -