Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Distribution: 4P/2M
Range: Long

The bow is a simple, yet effective projectile weapon, capable of firing arrows at high velocity over a distance. Bows are affordable, powerful, and silent, making them an excellent choice of hunters, rogues, and anyone wishing to strike from a safe distance.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost
Short Bow +20 +10 Magical Attack 75
Long Bow +30 +15 Magical Attack 150
Composite Bow +40 +20 Magical Attack 400
Enchanted Bow +50 +30 +11 Magic MP Attack 800
Shock Bow +70 +40 Lightning Affinity Magical Attack (Lightning) 1,200
Lamia's Bow +90 +50 30% Charm 35% Charm 2,000
Sacred Bow +110 +60 Holy Affinity Regen 3,000
Valkyrie's Bow +130 +70 +19 Agility Haste 5,000
Artemis Bow +150 +80 30% DSentence Magical Attack (Holy) 8,000
Bow of Grace +200 +100 +23 Agility, +11 Spirit 50% Death -

Short Bow
A small wooden bow, often used by thieves due to its silence and relative portability.

Long Bow
A bow that stands the height of a man. Long bows are the weapons of choice of rangers and rogues alike.

Composite Bow
A type of bow characterized by its layers of different materials. The construction of a composite bow gives it superior strength and durability.

Enchanted Bow
The deadly weapons of elven rangers, these bows are carved from high-quality wood and enchanted by the spirits of nature.

Shock Bow
A sorcerer's creation, the Shock Bow fires arrows formed of pure electricity, giving the bow much greater firepower than a normal weapon.

Lamia's Bow
The evil desert Lamia, half-human, half-lion monsters, coat their jagged arrowheads with a poison that clouds the mind, leaving them helpless and under the Lamia's control.

Sacred Bow
Although the Sacred Bow is consecrated with healing magic, its power as a weapon, particularly against the undead, should not be underestimated.

Valkyrie's Bow
A rare treasure indeed, the enchanted bow of a Valkyrie imparts great courage and speed to its owner.

Artemis Bow
Rumored to be crafted by the Goddess of the Hunt herself eons ago, these weapons have lost none of their power over the ages. These weapons hold the strength of the gods, and are all but impossible to find.

Bow of Grace
This elegant longbow was the masterwork of an elven ranger nearing the end of his long life, and was given to his only daughter as a gift. Crafted from gold and ivory, the bow is enchanted with elven magic, making it easily strong enough to fire arrows wrought from solid steel. The Bow of Grace embodies all the beauty and power of nature and the heavens. Granting its owner unerring accuracy, an arrow from the Bow of Grace will rarely miss its mark. Sadly, this beautiful weapon has long since been lost to time.