Chapter V: Equipment

No adventurer is complete without arms and armor. This chapter contains lists of weapons, armor, items, and relics, complete with price listings for each piece of equipment. If you upgrade your equipment and wish to sell your old weapons and armor, you may sell them for half the listed price.


There are two ways to purchase weapons for your character. The first is to use the Weapon Construction System to custom-build a set of 10 weapons of any type that your character will use. The second is to simply use a premade weapon list. Several premade weapons can be found in the Resources section of the ZODIAC home page. Your character may only equip one weapon at a time. You may describe him as using two daggers, for example, but for game purposes he is considered to be wielding one weapon.

Weapon Construction System

There are 9 normal weapons that can be bought from weapon shops, and one artifact level weapon. This is an extremely powerful, one-of-a-kind weapon that can only be found or given- never bought. When creating a set of ten weapons for your character, you are given 6 points to split between the physical and magical strength of the type of weapon you are creating. The following chart shows the cost of each level of power. Choose one column for your weapons' physical power and one for its magical power. These numbers are added to your character's AP and MAP, respectively, when you equip the weapon. Also shown in the table is the amount of gold you must spend to purchase a weapon of the indicated level. Keep in mind that the points you spend here apply to the entire weapon list, not each individual weapon.

Example: Diff the Biffer thinks swords are cool, so he wants the biggest swords he can get. He decides to put 5 points - the maximum - into his swords' Attack Power bonuses, leaving the 1 leftover point for the wimpy Magic Attack Power bonuses. Now, all the swords that Diff uses grant him a bonus to his AP according to the 5-point column, and a bonus to his MAP according to the 1-point column.

Weapon Level 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points Cost in Gold
1 +0 +10 +15 +20 +30 75
2 +0 +15 +25 +30 +45 150
3 +0 +20 +30 +40 +60 400
4 +0 +30 +40 +50 +80 800
5 +10 +40 +55 +70 +100 1,200
6 +20 +50 +70 +90 +120 2,000
7 +30 +60 +85 +110 +140 3,000
8 +40 +70 +100 +130 +160 5,000
9 +50 +80 +115 +150 +180 8,000
10 +70 +100 +150 +200 +230 -

The number of points you spend on physical and magical strength also affects the type of die that you roll to determine damage from an attack of that type. Spending 1 point sets your damage die to d6, 2-4 points sets it to d8, and 5 points grants you a d10. In the example above, Diff the Biffer would roll d10's for all of his physical attacks, and d6's for all of his magical attacks. See Chapter VI: Combat for more information on damage dealing. Some weapons have special abilities above and beyond the ability to deal damage. These abilities are bought from a pool of 10 points that is divided among the 9 regular weapons in the list. Each individual weapon can have only two different abilities, and cannot have more points of abilities than half its Weapon Level. Thus, an 8th-level sword could have no more than 4 points of abilities. The 10th-level artifacts have their own separate pool of 4 points.

Weapon Abilities

Dedicated Weapon
Point Cost: 2
The weapon is designed to kill a certain type of monster - dragons, demons, etc. Damage is doubled against that type of creature.

Drain Weapon
Point Cost: 3
The wielder of the weapon absorbs 20% of the damage done to restore his own HP. The amount restored cannot exceed the current hit points of the target.

Example: Diff the Biffer is wielding a Drain Sabre. He attacks a dragon, and scores a critical hit for 300 points of damage, regaining 60 HP in the process.

Point Cost: 0
The weapon deals damage from one particular element - Fire, Ice, etc. Any one weapon may only have one element.

Keen Edge
Point Cost: 2
The weapon has a greater chance to cause critical hits. Subtract 10 from your Critical.

Long Range
Point Cost: Special
ALL weapons of this type are ranged or projectile weapons, granting them a long-range attack and allowing the wielder to attack flying creatures without penalty. This ability takes 2 points off of the TOTAL number of points the weapon set has, and does not count towards individual weapon limits. Thus, a standard set of Long-Range Weapons would have 8 points to divide amongst the individual weapons.

Spell Effect
Point Cost: 2
The weapon has a 15% chance of casting a particular spell on the target after a successful attack roll. The actual effect is a first-level Magical Attack Tech of any element. The wielder may also choose to cast the spell directly from the item, with a 15% chance to destroy the item. Artifact-level weapons will never be destroyed by releasing the spell within; however, there is a 15% chance that the spell ceases to function for the remainder of the battle, nullifying both random and purposeful activation. Any one weapon may only have one Spell Effect.

Stat Bonus
Point Cost: 2
The weapon improves its wielder's abilities. The exact amount of the increase depends both on the chosen stat and the weapon’s level. No weapon may increase Strength.

Statistic Amount of Increase
Magic Base +3, +2 per Weapon Level
Agility Base +3, +2 per Weapon Level
Vitality Base +1, +1 per Weapon Level
Spirit Base +1, +1 per Weapon Level

Status Effect
Point Cost: Variable
The weapon has a 30% chance to cause a status effect. With the exception of Stun and Death Sentence, effects last 1d2 rounds.

Status Effect Point Cost
Blind, Death Sentence, Poison, Sleep, Stun 2
Charm, Curse, Seal, Venom 3

Draw Out

Note: If your character does not have the Draw Out minor ability, skip this section.

Draw Out is an extraordinary ability that allows a character to draw hidden power from his weapon and release it in a variety of ways. This power can come from many things. Most wands and staves, for example, are highly charged with magical energy, whereas other weapons may be inhabited by ancient and powerful spirits. All weapons have a unique set of properties that can be tapped by a sufficiently talented individual. The abilities that can be Drawn Out are determined in a method similar to the weapon creation process. Every weapon in the set has one, and only one, of the following special properties that is activated upon using Draw Out. Beware, however, for all weapons have a 20% chance per Draw Out to lose their draw powers forever. Such a weapon is still useable in combat and retains all of its special properties, but it can never again be Drawn Out by anyone. However, a new instance of the same weapon may be found or purchased, and subsequently Drawn Out. Artifact weapons will never lose their draw powers, but there is a 20% chance per Draw Out that the weapon cannot be Drawn Out for the remainder of the battle.

The weapon reduces the Strength, Magic or Agility of each enemy by one fifth (Weapon Level 1-3), one fourth (Weapon Level 4-6), or one third (Weapon Level 7-10) for the remainder of the battle.

Demi Attack
All enemies have their HP reduced by one fourth (Weapon Level 1-5) or one third (Weapon Level 6-10) of their current values.

The weapon suffuses the party in healing energy, restoring 10 + (25 * Weapon Level) HP to all allies.

All allies gain Immunity to one element for (Weapon Level / 3) rounds, rounded up.

Magical Attack
The weapon deals magical damage to ALL enemies. The attack has a die class the same as the weapon, and rolls a number of dice equal to (Weapon Level / 3) + User’s Magic Dice, with additional damage equal to your Magic Attack Power. The attack may be of any element, or non-elemental.

MP Attack
The weapon deals damage as a Magical Attack to all enemies. However, instead of damaging the enemies’ HP, the attack reduces their MP by 1 / 10 of the damage rolled.

All allies gain Resistance to one element for 1 + (Weapon Level / 3) rounds, rounded up.

Stat Booster
All allies get +5 per Weapon Level to Strength, Magic, or Agility for 1d3+1 rounds.

Status Effect
The weapon can either cause negative status effects to the wielder’s enemies, or bestow positive effects on his allies. The weapon can have up to two status effects, and they must either both be positive or both be negative. For every level of the Weapon, you have 5 points to divide between the success rates of all the chosen effects, to a maximum of 85%. For example, a fourth-level weapon might have a 40% chance of Stun and a 35% chance of Seal. Up to two Status Effects may be chosen, and the combined Level cannot exceed the level of the weapon. The effect targets all of the user’s enemies. Temporary effects such as Slow and MBarrier last for 1d2+1 rounds.

Status Effect Level Chance of Success
Stun, Poison 1 35%
Berserk, Curse, DSentence 2 30%
Blind, Slow, Sleep, Seal 3 20%
Frog, Mini, Confuse 4 10%
Stop, Stone, Charm, Venom 5 5%
Instant Death 7 0%
Haste, Barrier, MBarrier 4 -
Regen, Reraise, Wall 5 -


The protective equipment worn by soldiers and adventurers is divided into two types: Armor and Guards. You may equip only one of each type of armor at a time. Armor grants a bonus to Hit Points and Magic Points; simply add these values on to your base HP and MP. Guards grant a bonus to your Evade score, helping you defend against attacks.

There are two ways to purchase armor for your character. The first is to use the Armor Creation System to custom-build a set of 10 Armors and Guards of any type that your character will use. While taking a bit more time, this path allows for the maximum amount of flexibility in armor types (maybe Scarfs and Smocks for your Artist character, or even Spoons and Aprons for your Pasta Chef). The second is to simply use a premade armor list. Several premade Armors can be found in the Player Resources section.

Armor Construction System

There are 9 normal armors that can be bought, and 1 artifact-level armor that can only be found or given to a character (with the GM's discretion). Some armors have powers that make them slightly more effective at resisting damage. Some armors are endowed with extra defenses against status abilities and elementals, some raise statistics, and others stillhave special protection against physical or magical attacks.

These abilities are bought from a pool of points that is divided among the first 9 Armors in the list. By default, Armor has a pool of 10 points, and Guards have a pool of 5 points- but you may choose for your Armor to only have 5 points, and your Guards 10, if you wish. Each individual Armor cannot have more points of abilities than half its Armor Level. Thus, an 8th-level Armor could have no more than 4 points of abilities. Furthermore, the 10th-level armor of each set- the Artifact- has its own separate pool of points. The set that has a 'normal' pool of 10 points gets an 'Artifact' pool of 5 points, and the set that has a 'normal' pool of only 5 points gets an 'Artifact' pool of 3 points.

Example: You decide that your Armor will have a pool of 5 points, and your Guards will have a pool of 10 points. Your Artifact Armor gets 3 points automatically, and your Artifact Guard gets 5 points.

The following charts list the costs and basic effects of each class and level of Armor and Guards. The first chart lists the HP and MP bonuses, respectively, for Armor of each type - Defense (Heavy), Enhance (Light), and Balanced (Medium). The second chart lists the Evade bonus of Guards. Armors and Guards of level 10 are 'artifacts.' These are extremely powerful, one-of-a-kind armors that can only be found or given- never bought.

Armor Level HP / MP (Enhance) HP / MP (Balanced) HP / MP (Defense) Price
1 +10 / +4 +20 / +2 +35 / +0 75
2 +15 / +6 +30 / +3 +50 / +0 150
3 +25 / +8 +50 / +4 +75 / +0 400
4 +40 / +12 +80 / +6 +120 / +0 800
5 +50 / +20 +100 / +10 +150 / +0 1,200
6 +65 / +25 +130 / +14 +200 / +0 2,000
7 +80 / +30 +160 / +18 +250 / +0 3,000
8 +100 / +40 +200 / +20 +300 / +0 5,000
9 +125 / +50 +250 / +25 +375 / +0 8,000
10 +175 / +65 +350 / +35 +500 / +0 -
Guard Level Evade Bonus Price
1 +2 30
2 +4 75
3 +6 200
4 +8 400
5 +10 600
6 +12 1,000
7 +14 1,500
8 +16 2,500
9 +18 4,000
10 +23 -

Armor Abilities

Defense / Magic Defense
Point Cost: 3
The armor reduces physical or magical damage (choose ONE) by 25%. No armor may be resistant to both types of damage.

Physical / Magical Weakness
Point Cost: Special
The wearer of the armor takes an extra 25% damage from physical or magical attacks (choose only ONE). This weakness will pay up to three points towards any special ability on the same piece of armor.

Elemental Absorbency
Point Cost: 3
Similar to Elemental Resistance, only the attack is not only nullified (does no damage whatsoever), but the armor's wearer recovers HP equal to the full damage of the attack.

Elemental Immunity
Point Cost: 2
Similar to Elemental Resistance, only the attack is nullified (does no damage whatsoever).

Elemental Resistance
Point Cost: 1
Can be for any one of the eight basic elements: Ice, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Water, Wind, Holy and Shadow. The armor is especially good at repelling attacks of that elemental affinity, and as such, all damage from them is halved (50%).

Elemental Weakness
Point Cost: Special
The opposite of an Elemental Resistance, the armor's wearer takes double damage from one of the eight basic elements, chosen when the armor is created. This weakness will pay one point towards any special ability on the same piece of armor.

Stat Bonus
Point Cost: 2
Increases an attribute by a certain amount, as shown below. Only one type of stat bonus per armor.

Statistic Amount of Increase
Strength Base +3, +2 per Armor Level
Magic Base +3, +2 per Armor Level
Agility Base +3, +2 per Armor Level
Resist Base +2, +1 per Armor Level
Vitality1 Base +1, +1 per Armor Level
Spirit2 Base +1, +1 per Armor Level

Status Immunity
Point Cost: Special
The armor totally cancels the effect of one or more of the below Status Effects, rendering the wearer unable to be affected by them. When purchasing Status Immunities, pay the cost of the highest-level Immunity you wish to have on the armor. Additional Status Immunities cost 1 point each.

Status Immunity Point Cost
Stun, Poison, Berserk, Slow, Blind, Death Sentence 1 Point
Zombie, Sleep, Venom, Mini, Curse, Confuse 2 Points
Stop, Stone, Frog, Charm, Seal 3 Points


Relics are special items that grant various beneficial effects to their wearer, ranging from stat bonuses to protection from the elements. You can equip only one relic at a time. Relics are created with a point-buy system, much as with weapons and armor.

Relic Construction System

Each relic created may have up to 8 points of abilities built into it. Each character has 30 points to create a maximum of 8 relics. In addition, each character may design 2 artifact relics, which contain 16 points of abilities each.

The powers that relics may have are divided into separate categories. A relic may only have one option from each category. The only exception to this is Status Immunity - any number of Status Immunities may be added to a relic (you must still pay full cost for each).

Only one relic may be equipped at a time, though a player may swap equipped relics at any time, including during combat, as a standard action (8 SP). Non-artifact relics have a price equal to 500 G times the point value. For example, a relic that adds +10 Strength costs 1000 G. When the player wishes to purchase a relic from a shop, it is up to the Master to decide whether that particular relic is available (generally, if the character has enough money, he should be allowed to purchase any relic from his list).

A list of premade classic relics can be found in the Player Resources.

Elemental Protection
Provides elemental resistance, immunity or absorption.

Level Point Cost
Resistance (one element) 4 points
Immunity (one element) 10 points
Absorption (one element) 16 points
Resistance (all elements) 16 points

Stat Booster
Increases the wearer's stats (Strength, Magic, Vitality, Spirit, Agility). Bonus stat points may be distributed in any manner, chosen when the relic is created.

Bonus Stats Point Cost
+10 stats 2 points
+15 stats 3 points
+20 stats 6 points
+25 stats 10 points
+30 stats 13 points
+40 stats 16 points

Status Immunity
Completely protects the wearer against one or more negative status effects. The listed point value is the cost to add immunity to ONE of the associated status effects.

  • (1 PT) Berserk, Blind, Charm, Confusion, Curse, Frog, Mini, Poison, Seal, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Stun, Venom, Zombie
  • (2 PT) Death, DSentence, Stone
  • (16 PT) Immune to ALL negative status

Combat Bonuses
The wearer of the relic experiences one of two enhancements to his combat ability.

  • Elemental Boost: Choose one element. The wearer's Strength Dice or Magic Dice, whichever is appropriate, is increased by +1 (4 points) or +2 (6 points) when using any Tech that is aligned with the matching element. This includes a non-elemental Power Attack when wielding an appropriate elementally-charged weapon, but does not include normal attacks with such weapons.
  • Critical Boost: The wearer's Critical is reduced by 5 (4 points) or 10 (8 points).


The average adventurer isn’t invulnerable. Sooner or later, he’s going to get hurt. Fortunately, there are many types of potions that can rejuvenate the body, giving you the edge you need to push through the last floor of the dungeon or hold out for another few rounds against that boss. All potions can be used on any target, and disappear after one use. Some rare and powerful potions cannot be bought from shops.

Potion Type Effect Cost
Potion Restores 70 HP 25
Hi Potion Restores 300 HP 200
Super Potion Restores 500 HP 600
X-Potion Restores all HP -
Ether Restores 15 MP 75
Hi Ether Restores 60 MP 600
Super Ether Restores 100 MP 1,800
X-Ether Restores all MP -
Elixir Restores all HP / MP -
Phoenix Down Restores life, 10% HP 350
Phoenix Pinion Restores life, full HP -
Annointment Cures ‘Curse’ 50
Antidote Cures ‘Poison’ 25
Cornucopia Cures ‘Mini’ 50
Echo Screen Cures ‘Seal’ 75
Eye Drops Cures ‘Blind’ 50
Maiden’s Kiss Cures ‘Frog’ 75
Remedy Cures all negative status 350
Revivify Cures ‘Zombie’ 75
Soft Cures ‘Stone’ 100
Tranquilizer Cures ‘Berserk’ 25
Vaccine Cures ‘Venom’ 75