Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Distribution: 4P/2M
Range: Short

A simple but effective weapon, claws are simply gloves or gauntlets which have had metal blades attached to the backs of the hands. Wearing claws transforms what would otherwise be a regular punch into a potentially lethal attack, and as such they are favored by martial artists, gladiators, and street fighters. Claws are most often worn in pairs, but can also be worn individually while a second weapon or shield is wielded in the free hand.

Weapon AP MAP Special Draw Out Cost
Katar +20 +10 40% Stun 75
Metal Claws +30 +15 MP Attack 150
Mythril Claws +40 +20 Demi Attack 400
Poison Claws +50 +30 Random 'Poison' 55% Poison 800
Fire Claws +70 +40 Fire Affinity Resist Fire 1,200
Cat's Claw +90 +50 Random 'Sleep' 50% Sleep 2,000
Scissor Fangs +110 +60 Strength Break 3,000
Duel Claws +130 +70 Manhunter Haste, Barrier 5,000
Dragon Claws +150 +80 45% Death 8,000
Rune Claws +200 +100 Keen Edge, Shadow Affinity, Random 'Blind' Magical Attack (Shadow) -