Armor Type: Guard

No Druid would leave his house without the proper attire of the cloak. He would feel naked without it. Useful for deflecting blades and dodging attacks, cloaks come in a variety of forms and sizes.

Guard Evasion Bonus Special Cost
Wool Cloak +2 75
Bear's Shoulders +4 150
Broadleaf +6 400
Seer +8 800
Night Cape +10 Resist Shadow 1,200
Ranger's Cloak +12 2,000
Sidhe Cape +14 3,000
Calatin +16 +19 Magic 5,000
Cathbad +18 Immune to Curse 8,000
Amaigen's Cloak +23 +11 Spirit, Earth Immunity, Fire Weakness -

Wool Cloak
A simple cloak to keep a Druid warm and safe.

Bear's Shoulders
More powerful Druids often make friends of Forest Bears, so that they may be granted the right to make a cloak of their thick fur.

The secret of Broadleaf cloaks is ancient and well kept, but enough of them have been made through the years that most respectable Druids have little problem finding them.

This dark green cloak is said to be enchanted with a bit of the animal's foresight, making him move out of the way of attacks that much faster.

Night Cape
As black as the night sky, this cape was woven from the threads of the rare Night Lily plant, one of the few flowers rumored to be able to grow in the underworld.

Ranger Cloak
Second only to the Druid in his knowledge of nature, the Rangers are powerful allies. A few of their well made and enchanted cloaks have been passed to master druids over the years as gifts.

Sidhe Cape
Truly powerful druids command the respect of the fairies who make their home in the forest. Occasionally these fairies will trade out on of their powerful capes in return for the Druid's protection.

These cloaks are rare in number. Created by the Calatins, a rogue druidic circle obsessed with sorcery, it is rumored that they provide a magical boost in addition to great protection.

One of the most powerful Druids ever to live, he was the master of the ancient and lost art of the druidic curse. It is said that his cloak was created to prevent any from enacting a revenge for those curses.

Amaigen's Cloak
The first and greatest Druid, Amaigen was a wise counselor and protector. Under his leadership, the land was never in fear. In return, the earth blessed his pure white cloak with its spirit and essense.