Animal Companions


Probably the only soft side one might ever see in a Dark Blue Mage.
The cowboy archetype often only bonds with his companion. As for the feral warrior archetype, they will have a stronger connection to this beast than the others.
To aid them in battle, the animal companion will try to fend away attacks whenever the Dark Blue Mage is in danger. The strange thing though is that the companions only protect that one character.

Choose an animal and that will be the creature that defends the Dark Blue Mage. The first five of the guards show it from the companion’s POV. After the companion is fully bonded (the level 5 guard) it switches perspective as to how others see the young animal with his/her/its master.

Just Found 2 - - - - 30
Disillusioned 4 - - - - 75
Reluctant 6 - - - - 200
Loyal 8 Defense 400
Bonded 10 Magical Defense 600
A Man and His… 12 - - - - 1,000
Companion 14 Immune: Holy 1,500
Best Friend 16 +9 Vitality 2,000
One 18 - - - - 4,000
Legend in Its Own Rite 23 +11 Vitality; Defense ARTIFACT

Just Found
The companion was just bought or found or stolen, it shall be trained to be a great familiar.

Being a companion is harder than it seems. It has to take blows for the master, the training sucks, and the master’s comrades are hogging all the attention.

It’s going to be a difficult journey, the companion was closed to giving up, but it can’t quit now.

The companion is going to protect their master no matter what it takes.

The companion and the master have been through a lot, and yet, in the end, they are still friends. This is going to be a journey worth telling and the companion knows it.

A Man and His…
People notice that the master is always followed by his pet.

They notice that the master is respectful to his pet. Actually, the master was always respectful; it just took everyone else a longer time to notice.

Best Friend
It’s as if the master and the companion can read each other’s minds. Perhaps they can.

People never speak of the master without thinking (and speaking) of his companion. They are one and the same.

Legend In Its Own Rite
The companion has done something so extraordinary that its very reputation might be passed down through stories, until it becomes a great legend centuries later. Wonder what it will take?