Crimson Dance

This is the trance set for the Dancer archetype of a dark blue mages (rules for trance can be found on this page).

Here are the ten limits the dancing dark blue mage of lore can cast:

Level 3 techs

These are the first four limits a dark blue mage learns at level 1.

Beat Drop (6 LP)
Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
Secondary: Random Enemy

The dark blue mage begans to dance. She suddenly stops and waits for the perfect moment to unleash her fury.

Energetic Flare (12 LP)
Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
The Blue Mage dances as light appear and begins swarming the enemy, dealing non-elemental damage.

Slice and Dice
Primary: Quadra Slam (Strong)
The blue mage runs back and forth and attacks in random slices. Then jumps back to her current position.

Witch's Bane (19 LP)
Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
Secondary: MP Attack

The dark blue mage dances to the tune of an enemy's MP whittling away.

Level 4 techs

These are the three limits a dark blue mage learns at level 20.

Blood Waltz (26 LP)
Primary: Attack Magic
Secondary: Drain 25%

The blue performs and eerie dance as she steals an enemies life force.

Break Dance (26 LP)
Primary: Inflict Petrify (-20)
Secondary: Accurate

The blue mage begins to move in a series of kicks and spins almost as if performing a modified fighting style.
The it's too bad the enemy never knew they were being turned to stone.

Flash Mob (29 LP)
Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
Secondary: Fire Elemental
Secondary: Inflict Confusion (-55)

The blue mage charges the enemy and begins performing seemingly out of no where, sometimes leaving the foe confused.

Level 5 techs

These are the two limits a dark blue mage learns at level 30.

Dark Attraction (37 LP)
Primary: Demi 50%
Secondary: Ice Elemental
Secondary: Charm -55

The blue mage begins dancing seductively. The expression is sensual but the heart is cold.
May render a weak willed enemy to be charmed.

Natural Grace (41 LP)
Primary: True Neutralize
Secondary: Area Effect

The blue mage becomes one with the world and expresses the environment through her.
All enemies lose their weaknesses, resistance, immunities, absorbencies, and greater absorbencies.

Level 6 tech

This is the ultimate limit. The dark blue mage learns this at level 40 or if the GM so chooses, after completing a quest.

Nameless Dance (90 LP)
Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
Secondary: Boost +50%
Secondary: Steal as Well -30

A dance of unknown origin. While utilizing the double-bladed sword the dancer strikes the foe as often as she can.
Sometimes a piece of the enemy's soul is solidified into a useful item.