Attack Dice:d8
Magic Dice:d8

Crossbows were designed for anyone's use, but they become much more effective when handled by anyone with keen eyes and strong arms. They are heavy, a bit time-consuming to reload, and they have a bit of recoil, but they are superior to bows in range and damage, and quite easy to aim. Assassins, hunters, and town guards often keep crossbows on hand, and chemists and wizards who run dry of magic energy might rely on these powerful, mechanical bows.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost in Gold
Hand Crossbow +20 +10 none Magical Attack 75
Wooden Crossbow +30 +15 none Magical Attack 150
Steel Crossbow +40 +20 none Strength Break (1/5) 400
Mythril Crossbow +50 +30 none +20 Agility 800
Hunting Crossbow +70 +40 double damage vs. Beasts cell-content 1,200
Flash-bolt Crossbow +90 +50 30% Blind 50% Blind 2,000
Repeating Crossbow +110 +60 none Magical Attack 3,000
Serpent's Fang +130 +70 30% Poison 45% Venom 5,000
Gastrophetes +150 +80 +21 Agility 80% Stun 8,000
Vampire Bane +200 +100 Holy Affinity,double damage vs. Undead, Keen Edge 50% Death —-

Hand Crossbow
These nifty, miniature versions of the crossbow are small enough to be used one-handed, but large enough to pack a punch.

Wooden Crossbow
The traditional wooden model is the most common full-sized crossbow. Careful of splinters.

Steel Crossbow
More powerful than wooden crossbows, steel crossbows use fully steel components for higher speed and power.

Mythril Crossbow
With mechanical devices made of the light material known as mythril, these crossbows are light, fast, and accurate without a reduction to damage.

Hunting Crossbow
Hunters use these crossbows designed to kill game, but adventurers in the forests can use them equally well against various other beasts, such as cougars, or even bats.

Flash-bolt Crossbow
These crossbows are loaded with a special bolt with tips filled with squid ink, which blinds an enemy while the shooter goes in for the kill.

Repeating Crossbow
Repeating crossbows have a chamber that contains multiple bolts, so when a shot is fired, the next bolt simply drops into place.

Serpent's Fang
Made from the tooth of a great serpent, these crossbows hold a magical poison that, when a bolt is fired, is applied to it as it flies, increasing in concentration the farther it is shot.

This legendary crossbow attaches to the belly with a special belt. These weapons are so powerful, victims stagger from the sheer force behind the shot.

Vampire Bane
A legendary killler of the undead wielded this weapon on a quest to stop them from taking over the world. Enhanced through both blessings and with use against the monstrosities, this crossbow is designed to kill undead with very few wasted bolts. Unfortunately, the last known owner of this mighty weapon was slain trying to clear out an ancient ruin inhabited by a Lich King and his minions.