RANGE: Short

Although a dagger is among the weakest weapons available, it is also one of the lightest and most easily

concealed. As such, daggers are often employed by thieves and assassins. Its ease of use also makes it a

favorite among wizards and other classes who lack the training to use heavy weapons like swords and axes.

Knife +15 +15 Magical Attack
Dagger +25 +25 Magical Attack
Mythril Dagger +30 +30 Magical Attack
Thief Knife +40 +40 +11 Agility Attempt to steal from all enemies
Man Eater +55 +55 Double Damage vs. Humans Demi (1 / 4)
Double Daggers +70 +70 Magical Attack
Jewelled Dagger +85 +85 Double Damage vs. Constructs MBarrier
Assassin's Knife +100 +100 Random 'Poison' 40% Death
Crystal Shard +115 +115 Keen Edge Strength Break (1 / 3)
Graedus +130 +130 Keen Edge, +23 Agility, Wind Affinity Magical Attack- Wind

This single-edged weapon is also handy for cutting your dinner.

A little longer than a knife, a dagger has a double-edged blade, though it is more suited to stabbing than to slashing.

Mythril Dagger
Daggers are the most common type of weapon to be crafted from Mythril, as they require a relatively small amount of the valuable metal.

Thief Knife
More commonly used to cut purses than monsters, a Thief Knife is still a reasonable weapon.

Man Eater
An insidious creation, this jagged knife is often used by low-end assassins.

Double Daggers
A matched pair of curved daggers, an experienced wielder can use both at the same time, to great effect.

Jewelled Dagger
Once upon a time, a wealthy and powerful magician was visiting a gnomish friend of his, when the gnome's butler, a steam golem, suddenly went berserk and smashed all the fine china. After quickly dispatching the renegade golem, and piecing the gnome's china back together with his magic, the wizard created this dagger for his friend, to help him keep his inventions under control.

Assassin's Knife
This vicious weapon is carved from jet-black obsidian, and used only by the most ruthless of assassins.

Crystal Shard
A jagged spike of pure diamond, the wielder must be careful when using this razor-sharp weapon, lest he injure himself as well.

A short sword forged in ancient times, the Graedus is said to be blessed by the wind god, imparting the swiftness of the wind itself to its wielder. As ancient artifacts often are, however, the Graedus was lost long ago in some unknown dungeon. Its headstrong wielder, confident in the unnatural speed the Graedus gave him, easily dodged trap after trap, monster after monster… until, not watching where he was going, he ran straight into a pit of spikes.