All Dance Techs have Charge Power, unless otherwise noted

Break Dance
Primary: Stone
Secondary: Lesser DSentence
The Dancer performs the most unlikely of dances, Break Dance, which looks like tricks and steps that no ordinary woman can perform. With each new type of dance, the foe becomes harder and harder, their very skin turning to stone. When they are a complete statue, The dancer may feel like bringing out all the stops and strike the stone foe in a finish-it-off 'Break' Dance.

Dance of the Dead
Primary: Fatal-Blow
THe Dancer brandishes her weapon while dancing around her target. With each slash of the blade near the foe, a large portion of the being's life is sapped away. Any attempt to stop the dancer, if she is performing the steps right, will fail, and soon enough there will be a dead enemy by her feet.

Primary: Power Attack
Secondaries: Lesser Blind, Fire Elemental
The Dancer dances to something similiar to an upbeat tune, and with each step, a flame grows within her soul. Every step she takes, ther is a flash of light, and a wisp of fire. She then launches herself into the air, and a full fire can be seen emanating from her feet. She sideways axe-kicks the foe in the face, and a brilliant flash of fire and light explodes on contact.

Heathen Frolic
Primary: Magic Break
Secondaries: Area Effect
The Dancer performs a very strange, almost hypnotic dance. This frolic can only end one way. The Dancer spins furiously, setting off an energy that weakens the magic for the opposition. Usually performed by Succubuses and their like against mages they want to rob of life, The first dancer to learn this dance was a Succubus that just wanted to have fun, despite the rules of her kind about no dancing. She taught it to some human dancers, and it is now known everywhere today.

Temptation Tango
Primary: Confusion
The Dancer perform a tango with the enemy, flirting and laughing about how she plans backsab them if the foe joins her. This might confuse everyone, especially the foe being danced with.

Wicked Waltz
Primary: Demi (Level 2)
A three step dance that causes hell for the enemy. Before each third step, the Dancer spins her foot out, sending a wave of force hurtling towards the enemy. After three strikes, The Enemy has lost 33% of it's current HP, and the Dancer keeps on dancing to her own beat.

Witch Hunt
Primary: Power Attack
Secondaries: MP Attack (Mp-only option)
The Dancer dances furiously around a single target, weapon drawn out and whirling around with her. SHe then flips into the Air behind the target and swipes at the foe, but instead of damaging the foe's body, she damages its magical essense.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondary: Area Effect
The Dancer begins to spin and kick and dance towards the enemy, avoiding every single strike throw at her. She then leaps into the air and lands in the midst of the enemies, leg outstretched with enough force behind it to deal some serious damage.