Dark Blue Mage

Some warriors learn skills from their masters. Some are self-taught.
But others learn from the greatest teacher of all: their enemies.

Dark Blue Mages are exactly like Blue Mages, but are designed for the method three use of Limit Breaks with the intent of letting the individual trance modes add more depth to the classes.

All dark blue mages wear Masks as relics (they can be quite theatrical).
All dark blue mages know Blue Magic.

Each learning patterns has two archetypes to choose from:
Memory - Cowboys or Feral Warriors
Lore - Dancers or Gamblers
Assimilation - Chefs or Necromancers

Table of Contents


The warriors of the group. They are designed to live and keep on fighting with nothing holding them back.
There are the cowboy-like ones with gunblades and dusters, and there are the primal warriors with spears and loin cloths.

The two archetypes are often seen with a pet by their side.

Strength High
Magic Below Average
Vitality Average
Spirit Below Average
Agility Average
Command Health or Mimic
Support Cover or Toughness
Weapon Gunblades or Spears
Armor Dusters (defense) or Loin Cloths (balance)
Guard Companion
Trance Mode Six-Shooter Blue or Primal Wrath


They examine the field and take charge.
Some of them use double bladed swords and done wrist guards; they considered the graceful warriors, or in some cases, Blue Dancers.
While others use Gambling as weapons and use backpacks as as armor, and are often seen as nomadic gamblers.

Both of them wear the amulets. Dancers wear them as a symbol of a personal journey, while gamblers treat them as lucky charms.

Strength Average
Magic Average
Vitality Average
Spirit Average
Agility Average
Command Steal or Dice
Support Quickness or Lucky
Weapon Double-Bladed Swords or Gambling
Armor Wrist Sashes (enhance) or Backpack (balanced)
Guard Amulet
Trance Mode Crimson Dance or Vagabond's Gambit


While some go out of their way to eat your soul, others perform rituals in hopes you won't last.
Some carry a great fork donning a chef-hat.
Others carry sacrificial knives wearing cloaks like the grim reaper.

They are never seen without a their jar of souls.

Strength Average
Magic Above Average
Vitality Below Average
Spirit Above Average
Agility Below Average
Command X-Magic or Runic
Support Secret Hunt or Mental Strength
Weapon Great Forks or Sacrificial Knives
Armor Chef Hats (enhanced) or Cloaks (defense)
Guard Soul Jars
Trance Mode Dark Feast or Void Magic