Dark Keyblade Wielder

There are some secrets that must be kept hidden from the denizens of the universe. Only a few know these secrets and it is their job to keep it that way.
Unlike normal Keybladers, who are chosen to prevent the destruction of existence, Dark Keybladers are chosen to prevent the creation of it.
There are keyholes that must never be touched and if someone tampers with it, unneeded creation and splintered timelines occur, and that is only a lucky scenario.
Dark Keybladers are not necessarily evil. Their name derives from their task: Keep things out of light.
They are known to be agile and graceful, and they often prefer a swift clean job to be done with little effort in it. Hence their love of lowering their Critical.

Strength Average
Magic Average
Vitality Below Average
Spirit Below Average
Agility High
Command Deathblow or X-Magic
Support Lucky or Concentrate
Weapons Dark Keyblades
Armor Markings
Guards Soul Dolls
Relics Key Rings
Tech Set Lokkenky