Dark Sword

The opposite of the Paladin, a Dark Knight is a warrior shrouded in darkness. Many Dark Knights draw their strength from powerful demons or from the netherworld itself. Yet not all Dark Knights are evil. Perhaps they have been coerced or misguided, or perhaps have had no other choice but to turn to the darkness after having been cast from the light. Often, these unfortunate Dark Knights wish for nothing more than to leave the shadows behind. But whatever their motivation, their Dark Sword technique is deadly, and with a large number of techniques that drain the life and spirit from their foes to replenish the Dark Knight's strength.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondary: Shadow Elemental

Calling on the forces of darkness, the Dark Knight delivers a deadly strike charged with negative energy, dealing heavy damage to the target and leaving behind a horrible wound.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Inflicts Curse, Shadow Elemental

Summoning a vengeful demon and channeling its anger through his sword, the Dark Knight deals a powerful blow, and placing the target under a malevolent curse as the demon takes posession of its soul.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondary: Sacrifice, Shadow Elemental

Surrendering himself to the demons of the Abyss, the Dark Knight recieves a surge of unbelievable strength, crushing his victim with extreme force. But as is the nature of demons, the temporary strength they grant the Dark Knight is not for free, and when they depart back to their home plane, steal a portion of his life force as payment.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: MP Attack, Drain (25%)

Attacking their enemy's mind with dark energy, the Dark Knight siphons their spiritual energy, leaving the victim drained and the Dark Knight feeling stronger than before.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Area Effect, Shadow Elemental

Dark Wave is the Dark Knight's signature move. Using his sword as a conduit to the dark world, the knight unleashes a deadly swath of evil energy, burning and scarring everything in its wake.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Drain (50%)

Night Sword is a truly frightening power, able to drain the life from its victim, leaving them as only a wasted shell. Draining the very essence of the victim, like a vampire, the Dark Knight deals heavy damage to the target, while at the same time rejuvenating his own body.