Dark White Mage

Dark white mages are good kind hearted people in ways that fish make great mountain climbers.

Truth be told they are power obsessed people who have the skills t support and heal their allies, by stealing life elsewhere - whether it's their own or an unsuspecting target.
Their abilities and their lust for power are the result from a deal1.

They are prone to manipulate and retaliate.

And please for the love of all the is good, and for the sake of your personal safety, do not call them grey mages. They don't take kindly to being called that…

Strength Low
Magic Average
Vitality High
Spirit Average
Agility Low
Command Skill Wish or Runic
Support Skill Toughness or Magic Up
Weapon Set Dark Rods
Armor Set Tyrant Robes
Guard Set Mind Games
Relic Set Crowns
Tech Set Blood Magic

A while ago, when I asked for the missing puzzle piece for the dark classes. This was the chosen one2.
The user, doresh, said, "I might be interested to see what a Dark White Mage might look like XD"
And now this is here.