Dragon Armor

Although this armor covers up most of the dark dragoon's body, it is designed to allow easy movement.
They are designed to look like legendary dragons of yore. Tragically, for some of them, looks are as far as they go.

Normal Pool: 10
Artifact Pool: 5

Armor Type: Defense

Name HP Bonus Effect Price
Earth Dragon +35 - - - - - 75
Ice Dragon +50 - - - - - 150
Red Dragon +75 - - - - - 400
Blue Dragon +120 - - - - - 800
Storm Dragon +150 +7 Resist 1,200
Gold Dragon +200 + 17 Agility 2,000
Holy Dragon +250 Magic Defense 3,000
Skull Dragon +300 Physical Defense; Holy Weakness 5,000
Kaiser Dragon +375 Physical Defense 8,000
Abyss Dragon +500 Absorb Shadow; Venom Immunity ARTIFACT

This dragon was attracted to music, and was found under an opera house.
As a gimmick this armor comes with external speakers.

Lived in snow fields by an industrial town. As honor this comes in bright blue and has a steampunk style to it.

Inside a volcano this would dwell. Said to be the only one designed by Phoenix Inc. It's style consists of a lot of belts and zippers.

It once lived in the dungeon of an ancient, dilapidated castle.

Inside many complex network of caves in a mountain, lived the Storm Dragon. The armor is layered to represent the caverns.
As a result spells are easier to dodge.

A lightning dragon lived in a massive tower owned by a nihilistic mad man. Made with boosters to represent lightning.

Lived in a cultist abode. Designed to take less damage from magic.

Another dragon said to live in the mad man's tower. Made to be tougher than usual, but a mistake made the wearer weaker to holy magic.
Seeing as it fit with the symbolism the flaw was kept in the final product.

Lived in a place known as "the dragon's den". The technique to make it take physical stress was improved and no back lash followed.

A dragon that lived beyond time and space. Only one has been made in existence and it hides deep under a humble village with a dark secret.