Dragon Arts

Many Dragoons learn their abilities by watching the dragons, and in doing so, also better learn how to take those creatures down.

Dragon Slayer
Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
Secondary: Boost (50%), Dedicated - Dragons (ONLY)
In the days of old, Dragoons may have learned how to fight from watching the dragons, but sometimes, they needed to employ their skills against their teachers. Having such intimate knowledge of them, they were the best people to send in when a dragon was proving a threat.

Dragon's Breath
Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
Secondary: Area Effect
Elemental: Fire (others possible)
Having learned this ability from the dragons themselves, it makes sense that Dragoons would employ this iconic attack. Some Dragoons even learn how to breath multiple types of energy at their foes.

Primary: Esuna
Dragons are extremely resistance to negative effects, so it only makes sense that Dragoons would learn their secrets to be able to recover from bad statuses themselves.

Elemental Spear
Primary: Power Attack (Medium)
Elemental: Any single one
Infusing their lances with the same energy they learn to breath, Dragoons create a physical conduit to damage their foes.

Lance Barrage
Primary: Power Attack (Weak)
Secondary: Area Effect, Limited Uses
The Dragoon jumps into the air, then throws down dozens of lances and spears to hit his foes. Of course, you can only carry so many spares before you run out.

Primary: Power Attack (Weak)
Secondary: Drain Attack (25%), MP Attack (Full)
This signature ability of the Dragoons allows them to cripple their enemies MP while recovering their own.

Primary: Status Effect (Berserk)
Secondary: Area Effect, Single Use
Drawing on the imagery of the moon, a Dragoon sends his foes into a fighting frenzy, making them little more then ravening beasts.

Reis' Wind
Primary: Status Effect (Regen)
Secondary: Area Effect
Calling for the aid of the ancient master Dragoon Reis, the dragoon sends a cool gust over himself and his allies, aiding their recovery even in the midst of battle.

Primary: Speed Booster
Secondary: Self-Only
Focusing their energy, Dragoons are capable of giving themselves a temporary burst of speed.