Dragoon Wings

These allow Dark Dragoons to jump to greater heights and swoop down on a foe to slice them for greater damage.
Dark Dragoons will also activate them to avoid injury from oncoming attacks.
Mechanical by nature, the secrets to the technology behind them are only known to Dark Dragoons.

Normal Pool: 5
Artifact Pool: 3

Guard Evade Special Price
Jump Jets +2 - - - - - 30
Straight Set +4 - - - - - 75
Nest Quitters +6 - - - - - 200
Quad-Crescents +8 - - - - - 400
Dragon Wings +10 - - - - - 600
Tide Catchers +12 Water Resistance 1,000
Diver Drivers +14 +17 Strength 1,500
Wyrm Boots +16 +19 Agility 2,500
Grand Flights +18 - - - - - 4,000
Fallen Seraph +23 +11 Resist; Immune to Blind ARTIFACT

Jump Jets
These are basic 'wings' for dark dragoons.

Straight Set
Poor attempt to represent dragon wings. The effort is there, at least.

Nest Quitters
Well crafted dragoon wings. Often used as a sign to represent skill.

Rumor says the designer misheard the request to "make dragon-flying wings" as "make dragonfly wings".

Dragon Wings
Out of all the guards for dark dragoons, these resemble dragon wings the best. Perhaps that's why they're difficult to use?

Tide Catchers
These resemble fins from the ocean dragons. Makes it easier to swim as well.

Diver Drivers
Designed to have a harsher impact when used as an offensive.

Wyrm Boots
Just like the wingless dragons these are meant to assist in one's speed. With training most use them to jump to new heights as if they are dragoon wings.

Grand Flights
Perfectly aerodynamic these make dodging and jumping an ease.

Fallen Seraph
Somewhere out there lies a laboratory under the watchful eye of a madman, obsessed with progress and inventing things for the sake of doing so. One of his proud possessions is hidden and well guarded…