Druid Staffs

Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Distribution: 3P/3M
Range: Short

A druid's preference for the staff stems from their affinity with the earth and all things natural. However, their staffs tend to be more durable and heavy than a mage's, and moreover, druids often learn close combat fighting from the animals and spirits around them, making them fiercer fighters than a mage.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost
Deadwood Stick +15 +15 Resist Shadow 75
Sapling +25 +25 +10 Agility 150
Oak Staff +30 +30 Magical Attack 400
Lightwood +40 +40 30% Blind Heals 110 HP 800
Ironwood +55 +55 Strength Break 1,200
Darkwood +70 +70 Drain Weapon 30% Blind, 50% Curse 2,000
Obsidian +85 +85 Casts 'Lava Flow'1 Magical Attack 3,000
Staff of the Earth +100 +100 Earth Affinity Earth Immunity 5,000
Staff of the Forest +115 +115 +10 Vitality +45 Vitality 8,000
Stonehenge +150 +150 +23 Magic, 30% DSentence 50% Death, 30% Stun -

Deadwood Stick

Most beginning druids have little more than a stout walking stick for combat.


Springy and tough, the Sapling improves the druids range and combat options.

Oak Stave

This stout staff is just heavy enough to hurt, just durable enough to not break easily, and just light enough for the druid's fancier moves.


Lightwood trees are found only in the magical Sonne forest to the north. They are stunningly white, and just the right strike can leave the opponent dazzled momentarily.


Ironwood is the legendary rare wood. Magically hard and light, there are few who know the secret of its origins.


Darkwood staffs are jet black from top to bottom, and cast no reflection from their polished surface. It takes a druid of skill and wisdom to know how to channel this stave's mystic powers.


This very rare staff is not made of wood, but the volcanic stone that is its namesake. In the hands of a druid, this staff can be taught to remember its fiery origin in the midst of combat.

Stave of the Earth

These rare staffs are carried by the master druids of each enclave. Enchanted by the animals themselves with a bit of the earths power, it is hard to find a more powerful or valuable staff.

Stave of the Forest

Nowhere is the druid stronger or more at home than in the heart of the forest. This staff brings that heart to the druid wherever he or she may travel, making them heartier and tougher.


Little is known about this great artifact. It is whispered that it will increase a druid's power and understanding of nature's ways. It is also said that this is because this staff has participated in a number of dark and deadly rituals. One thing all agree on though, Stonehenge does not like for its foes to survive long enough to tell of its strengths.