Armor Type: Balance

Favored by Gunslingers and Riflemen in every dusty mining town in the Wild West, Dusters provide a balance between protection and mobility.

Armor Name HP Bonus MP Bonus Special Abilities Cost
Light Duster +20 +2 75
Rain Duster +30 +3 Resist Water 150
Leather Duster +50 +4 400
Padded Duster +80 +6 Immune to Stun 800
Lined Duster +100 +10 1,200
Plated Duster +130 +14 +8 Resist 2,000
Armored Duster +160 +18 3,000
Sheriff's Duster +200 +20 Immune to Stop and Stun 5,000
The Seventh Duster +250 +25 +21 Agility 8,000
The Duke's Duster +350 +35 Physical Defense, Immune to Stun and Berserk -

Light Duster
A basic light duster is good enough to keeping dirt and grime off your clothing, but not much else.

Rain Duster
Waterproof and designed to protect the wearer from inclement weather, rain dusters also provide limited protection against hostile Water magic.

Leather Duster
A step up in quality and cost, wearing a leather duster marks you as a man of means.

Padded Duster
Stuffed with thick layers of cotton or wool, this is the first duster really designed to actually stop impacts.

Lined Duster
Lined with a thick layer of a tougher material like leather, a lined duster is less bulky and even more effective than a padded one.

Plated Duster
With sheets of steel inserted in key locations, the plated duster provides respectable protection.

Armored Duster
The armored duster represents a step up from the plated duster, with articulated plating concealed within its weave.

Sheriff's Duster
Many a sheriff has discovered the advantages of sticking a boiler plate up your shirt. This duster takes that idea and perfects it.

The Seventh Duster
This duster is the same make as that used by one of the seven legendary heroes who single-handedly saved a small town south of the border from a marauding bandit gang.

The Duke's Duster
The Duke was a wandering Gunslinger, going from town to town, never using the same name twice and always affecting a different history. It is said that the Duke's duster can stop bullets cold.