Guard Set: Extensions
Pool: 10 Normal / 5 Artifact

Some weapons need to be thrown… But now we have to get them back.
The extensions set is an optional guard set designed to affect the command skill, Kick1. (At Master's discretion).

The extension is tied to the weapon's base and to the wielder's wrist.

And for the sake of equipment pools there are two new abilities:
1) Double Kick (Cost: 3 Points) - Kick deals 2/3 damage. (Cannot be bought with Weak Kick for a single guard.)
2) Weak Kick (Cost: -3 Points) - Kick deals 1/6 damage. (Cannot be bought with Double Kick for a single guard.)
3) Elemental Kick (Cost: 0 Points) - Kick deals damage of one element.

Guard Evasion Bonus Special Cost
Weak Twine +2 - 75
Proper Rope +4 - 150
Chain +6 Status Immunity: Stun 400
Loose Vine +8 Elemental Kick: Earth; Elemental Resistance: Earth 800
Red Chain +10 Strength Bonus: +13 1,200
Fishing Line +12 Double Kick; Physical Weakness 2,000
Collapsible Pole +14 Weak Kick; Physical Defense 3,000
Gelatinous Rope +16 Magical Defense; Elemental Resistance: Water 5,000
SLAGU2 +18 Elemental Kick: Lightning; Elemental Immunity: Shadow 8,000
Gallows Noose +23 Double Kick; Elemental Immunity: Holy -OR- Shadow3 ARTIFACT

Weak Twine
Poorly crafted but reliable none the less.

Proper Rope
Made by skilled hands. This rope is less likely to break.

Getting hit by these hurts, but they are difficult to swing, so the damage done is evened out. Their weight provides constant exercise as if they are a test on pure endurance, thus the wielder is harder to stun.

Loose Vine
Thankfully this product is sanitized for the wielder, but the earthy elements of it still reside.

Red Chain
This chain is actually tough plastic. After all of the work a wielder is put through to carry regular chains, perhaps muscle memory kicks in, as it provides a strength bonus.

Fishing Line
This fishing line boasts being able to hold an excessive amount of weight. This is not tied directly to the wielder's wrist, but it is tied to a toughened bracelet. When hit, it does little to absorb damage, but when Kick is involved its thin width becomes almost blade-like.

Collapsible Pole
A strange extension. When swung it straightens out proving difficulty wield during Kick, but what it lacks in Kick it makes up for in physical defense.

Gelatinous Rope
A slithery little extension. It was once a product of a famous inventor in hopes it could be used to reach new items, it is rumored that nefarious arts were used to make the Gelatinous Rope. It reacts well with water.

Solidified Light Amplification Grappling Unit. Made out of visible light narrowed to a single source, somehow a (most likely insane) engineer provided a way to treat the light like a solid object. The first testers of it died of radiation exposure and suffered blindness, until he found a way to only shock the user a "little bit".

Gallows Noose
This artifact has been in tuned with death for so long it has lost it's identity as a mere simple rope. When swung spirits leave the rope, screeching in agony, as they attack the wielder's enemies. How does one obtain the very symbol of execution?