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It's been way too long since I wrote anything here. The work on 4E was put on hiatus for a while while I dealt with graduation from college and working a full time job, and I realize I hadn't kept anyone in the loop for a while. However, I still would want to talk with people, and have set up a Discord server to do just that! Here is the link:

If anyone is still active here and wants to chat, just pop on in. It likely will not being going down any time soon.

So my group and I have been trying out a bit of Zodiac, and we've found that the strongest characters are the ones that exclusively focus on Magic plus Spirit. Tech levels being dependent solely on Magic means that other character builds (focus on agility, or strength based characters) just can't keep up in both ability variety and strength. It's also a bit puzzling, as it forces characters that might not normally have any need of magic, (warriors and rogues who want to remain physically focused for example, or other characters that might not flavor themselves as magical) to invest in improving their magical skills. And there's only so many variations on enemies that are resistant/immune to magic, venom, poison, dsentence, stone, fatal blow, near-fatal, etc, that spam seal, before it basically comes down to sending dedicated anti-magic builds that exist to give the other characters something to do.

We've been thinking about adjusting the system so that tech points are based off any one of the five base stats chosen at the start of the game. This allows characters to choose a "focus" and be rewarded for investing in that focus, without being punished for not picking magic. Would this be a reasonable house rule?

Hydro GlobusHydro Globus 24 Feb 2017 22:08
in discussion ZODIAC Discussion / Core Rules » 4e

Hey, anyone who reads this! (Hopefully Agent Boogeyman)

So, your note regarding 4th Edition has been out for a while, with no word beyond that. Could we (I don't believe I'm the only one who still regularly checks) get an update regarding your progress, or if the overhaul project is shelved for now, or anything? :) I remember I got really excited when I first saw the post.

Hydro Globus,
the (second) Spoony Bard

4e by Hydro GlobusHydro Globus, 24 Feb 2017 22:08 on every weapons page there is a Distribution number. Spears for example have Distribution: 5P/1M. what is this?
2. If i were to use the range into a map mode. would assuming Short range is 1 square away, medium for 2 and long range for 3 squares away be correct?
3. im currently trying to add everything on the site into a convenient word file. (So far so good) However, the site is missing a few things:
Tech Set:
Arts of War (Knight)
Battle Skill (Fighter)
If I could get info for these it would be awesome as i am trying to host a game for a few friends

Sorry for not checking the thread. Anyway, it is on p60, at the description of the unconscious status.

I believe it's in the Combat section of the book.

Could you tell me where? I can't seem to find where it says that.

Doesn't it say in the book that an unconscious character is always down to 0sp?

So it looks like this site has been inactive for a while now, but I'm hoping I can get a response some time in the future. I've been programming several utilities to help run my own ZODIAC campaign (so far I have stat calculators for players/monsters), and have been working on an initiative tool to automate combat tracking. The first issue I ran into was how to calculate slow/haste, and I've done that (and added my own little balancing attempt) by remembering the old speed value, calculating the difference between the new and old speed values, then adding that back into the running "initiative" pool that actions are drawn from.

For example, say haste grants a player with 10 speed another 2 points of speed, while their running total is 16 (rolled a 6 at the start of combat). They would subtract 8 for casting haste and add 2 to their speed total. Since 12 speed -10 (the old value) speed is 2, they also add 2 points to their running total. They have 10sp to work with in combat as of now.

My real question is, how does revive or raise effects work when determining who gets to go when? Should they act on their current initiative? (This could lead to a situation where Kari the Black Mage dies with 16sp remaining. Rubie the White Mage decides to use her last 8sp (and is the last player/monster able to move for the round) to revive Kari, meaning that Kari would get to act twice in a row immediately)

Or should raise make a character stuck at 0 initiative, so they have to wait next round to act? This would discourage raising at the beginning of rounds, since a character might be raised just to die all over again.

The solution I'm thinking of right now is that the player revives at the caster's speed. So either the player revives at the old speed value (so the healer subtracts their speed points, meaning that the revived character goes before the healer can act again, guaranteed) or at the new speed value (so both players would act in the same instant). I'll probably default to the latter option, but any input I could get would be welcome.

It depends on the campaign and the Master, really. This is a simple system, So I would propose training like so:
Roll 1d10. On a result of 3 to 8, Add 1 to an additional stat just for the monster, maybe called 'Tame'.
On a 2, Subtract 1.
On a 1, Subtract 3
On a 9, Add 2.
On a 10, Add 3.
The Tame stat has a base value of 30. For every day of training, Roll to train up Tame. Higher values mean better chance of a command.
When you release the monster to attack, roll 1d100. If the roll is below Tame's stat value, The action takes place and the creature can return to the owner (Master's Decretion.) Otherwise, The creature attacks and escapes.

Re: Capture? by DFroGGotten1DFroGGotten1, 24 Apr 2015 22:54
SokkehovedSokkehoved 20 Apr 2015 22:04
in discussion ZODIAC Discussion / Core Rules » Capture?

Hey everyone

I was just wondering about the Capture Command Skill, It says that you can capture and train a monster, the training part how might you be able to implement that?

Capture? by SokkehovedSokkehoved, 20 Apr 2015 22:04
Re: Runic
DFroGGotten1DFroGGotten1 15 Apr 2015 15:00
in discussion ZODIAC Discussion / Core Rules » Runic

It recovers both HP and MP, and as monster's goes up in level, so does damage. Monsters can do more damage than PCs can sometimes under the right conditions. As such, which would be better, absorbing 2 MP from a weak attack magic because of it's cost, or absorbing 48 HP and 9 MP from the same spell with the monster with 100 MAG under a +50 Magic Boost? Even without a Magic Boost, Minimum damage would be 21 HP and 4 MP absorbed.
Balance, my friend, and usefulness is the answer.

Re: Runic by DFroGGotten1DFroGGotten1, 15 Apr 2015 15:00
Aleph OzoneAleph Ozone 28 Mar 2015 16:50
in discussion ZODIAC Discussion / Core Rules » Runic

I've a question regarding the Command Skill Runic: why does it recover HP? why doesn't it work like in the actual games, where it just recovers the MP of the one who used it by the MP spent to cast the spell it absorbed??

Runic by Aleph OzoneAleph Ozone, 28 Mar 2015 16:50

Yes, please feed the database. It needs monsters, among other things.

Re: Relics
DFroGGotten1DFroGGotten1 03 Feb 2015 23:09
in discussion ZODIAC Discussion / Core Rules » Relics

I'm in the process of creating a Master's Guide, called 'The Master's Codex'. But keep in mind I'm also working on BEASTIE BOOK and a module for beginners. If anyone would like to offer any help, It'll be most appreciated.

Re: Relics by DFroGGotten1DFroGGotten1, 03 Feb 2015 23:09

Yeah, one of the keys to wrapping your head around ZODIAC is to not take things too literally. Re-Skinning and Re-Themeing is the name of the game, here.

I'm not sure how your group is doing things if people are only ever making two relics, and not even using both of them. The GM decides which relics are available at what times, and there's a provision to make two explicitly End-Game tier relics that are…well, for the end game. Your best relic should never be available right away. Hell, you shouldn't even be buying relics at all at the outset, considering you only get 200 G for initial equipment, where the cheapest possible relic costs 500. The first eight basically fall into the patter you outlined with Sub Relics (minus allowing characters to equip other command skills, which really is going to vary from campaign to campaign), while the two artifacts aren't going to show up for quite some time.
You're right that there could be more options added to Relics, though.

This also makes me wonder if ZODIAC couldn't benefit from a sort of 'DM's Guide' equivalent, outlining expected milestones for when characters should expect to find equipment tiers and that sort of thing. I don't know if 'S' would have passed along any internal documents about that to the new ownership, though.

Re: Relics by ThunderGodCidofolasThunderGodCidofolas, 29 Jan 2015 06:18

Two points, if anyone's still reading this thread:

A) Aeon summoning is probably an optional rule for a reason.

B) Rules as written, you can fake it just as easily by using Morph's Multi-Form version, with stricter limitations (Constant MP drain, Can't repeatedly double or more your HP at will).

Yeah, I see your point… I really only suggested Counter and Concentrate for Command Skills due to them being more powerful than most other support skills.

Normal Attacks do have a couple problems, especially how you can replace it with a low-level Power Attack (or higher level with Short-Range and Inacurrate to be closer to a Normal Attack) that will serve you much better. Maybe a boost for Concentrate for those looking for an alternative?

Making Peep a Support Skill and sounds lovely. Sure, it steps away from the FFIV version it is based on, but several later games have "perma-Peep" abilities and equipment. And making it cost zero both in MP and actions really gives it a noticable edge over Scan.

Not so sure about Counter being a Command Skill, as you can't actively use it (though you could make a variation that lets you enter a counter stance, forgoing your action in favor of guaranteed Counters). Not so sure about Concentrate though. the other attack Command Skills always seem to have something to balance their increased usefulness, but Concentrate only adds stuff.

Re: The Counter support skill by DoreshDoresh, 07 Jan 2015 18:42
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