Bladed Playing Cards (Dark Blue)

Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Range: Long
These are carried by Dark Blue Mages who don't just take chances, but risks as well. They see life as a gamble and everyday when they wake up, they have won a bet against Death itself.
Perhaps it's do to their free spirit and gambling "habits" that these dark blue mages of lore use cards with sharpened edges to inflict wounds.
Not many people are sure how they are able to throw them with accuracy, but most can agree that they do not wish to be the target of one.
When casting Blue Magic, these mages are often seen shuffling a deck and drawing a card to reveal the spell that they are about to perform.

No one knows how they do it. No one has the courage to ask.

Name AP MAP Effect Cost
Blue Steel 15 15 - 75
Rune Blue Steel 25 25 - 150
Dark Blue Steel 30 30 - 400
Modified Seraphim 40 40 30% Stun 800
All-In 55 55 +6 Spirit 1,200
Poker Face 70 70 Ice Elemental 2,500
Heartless King 80 80 30% Death Sentence 3,000
Owl's Parliament 100 100 Shadow Elemental; Dedicated: Angels 5,000
Lucky Set 115 115 - 8,000
Splintered Realities 150 150 30% Sap ARTIFACT

Blue Steel
Every Dark Blue Mage starts off with the first three weapons in their set as the same. The weapons might be different but the material is not.

Rune Blue Steel
More powerful than Blue Steel.

Dark Blue Steel
A Dark Blue Mage’s symbol weapon.

Modified Seraphim
The first exclusive weapon for the gambler archetype of the dark blue mages. These were originally playing cards, but were modified to be thrown. Due to the work done to the cards, they are actually the heaviest set and are known to knock down enemies, as opposed to cutting through them.

All In
It raises the excitement of the dark blue mage as they feel like there is nothing left to lose.

Poker Face
Like the ice cold, emotionless stare some dark blue mages give in battle, these cards leave a chilled feeling behind.

Heartless Kings
A deck consisting of nothing but the Suicide Kings, aka, the King of Hearts. The hearts have not been painted on.

Owl's Parliament
A black deck of cards with a snow owl's face painted on the back side. They have been known to be the bane of celestial beings.

Lucky Set
This is a set of cards with no blades on them. So why do these dark blue mages use a plain old deck of poker cards? Because they are lucky.
One would mock them for this superstition but promptly be sent to the hospital after being attacked by the gambler (with the cards, of course).

Splintered Realities
Every decision you make is a gamble. Every moment you wait, and every moment where an action is taken reality itself splits. Somewhere in this fractured timeline lies a humble set of blood red cards waiting to be used…