Geomancers are at one with the land, able to bend it to their will. They can walk across dungeons without fear of traps like pitfalls, or damaging terrain like lava. Their signature skill is Terrain, which lets the Geomancer execute special attacks based on the terrain the party is fighting on. While they have a deep connection with the earth, they are also fierce warriors.

Strength Above Average
Magic Low
Vitality Average
Spirit Above Average
Agility Below Average
Command Capture, Chakra, or Kick
Support Attack Up, Natural Resistance, or Toughness
Weapons Axes (5P/1M) or Bells (2P/4M)
Armor Vests (Balance), Tunics (Balance, 5-points), or Robes (Enhance)
Guards Gloves, Boots, or Charms (10-Points)
Tech Set Geomancy