Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Distribution: 3P/3M
Range: Short Range

While many warriors arm themselves with swords and axes and other such formidable weapons, there are those who disdain the use of such weapons in favor of their own bare hands. However, even the most skilled martial artists can benefit from the protective and damage- enhancing value of gloves.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost
Bare Hands +15 +15 None 75
Leather Gloves +25 +25 MP Attack 150
Cestus +30 +30 +15 Agility 400
Sap Glove +40 +40 55% Stun 800
Brass Knuckles +55 +55 Manhunter Strength Break 1,200
Iron Gauntlets +70 +70 +7 Vitality Magical Attack (Lightning) 2,000
Mythril Gauntlets +85 +85 MP Attack 3,000
Solar Fist +100 +100 Random 'Blind' Magical Attack (Holy) 5,000
Knuckle Bomber +115 +115 Random 'Seal' Magical Attack 8,000
Golden Gloves +150 +150 +11 Vitality, Random 'Stun' 50% Death -

Bare Hands
With the proper training, one's own bare hands can become lethal weapons.

Leather Gloves
This simple pair of leather gloves is popular among tough guys.

This spiked and barbed glove is a brutal weapon used by those unfortunate enough to fight for other people's sport.

Sap Glove
Lined with lead, these gloves put a little extra force behind every punch.

Brass Knuckles
A common street weapon, brass knuckles are nonetheless very effective.

Iron Gauntlets
While they really belong with someone's suit of plate mail, these gauntlets still pack a mighty wallop.

Mythril Gauntlets
Like iron gauntlets, these really belong with a suit of plate mail. But who can really afford a suit of mythril plate?

Solar Fist
The hands of angels — or at least of beings far greater than any mortal — Solar Fists emanate a powerful aura of holy magic which can blind the weak and evil.

Knuckle Bomber
A marvel of modern technology, a knuckle bomber is a gauntlet with impact-detonated shaped charges lining the knuckles, amplifying the damage of even the weakest punch.

Golden Gloves
This prized pair of fighting gloves was once the trophy in a long-forgotten fighting tournament, and a residue of the strength of the former owners of these gloves is said to still remain.

Variant One

These gloves trade off magical power for stronger physical attacks.

Attack Dice: d10
Magic Dice: d6
Distribution: 5P/1M
Range: Short Range

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Cost
Grand Glove +15 +15 75
Metal Knuckle +25 +25 150
Motor Drive +30 +30 400
Maverick +40 +40 20% Counter 800
Gauntlet +55 +55 1,200
Platinum Fist +70 +70 Keen Edge 2,000
Master Fist +85 +85 Manhunter 3,000
Ehrgeiz +100 +100 40% Counter 5,000
God's Hand +115 +115 Casts 'Meteor'1 8,000
Premium Heart +150 +150 50% Counter, Random 'Charm' -