Great Fork Dark Blue

RANGE: Short

Dark Blue Mages love symbolism especially the chefs. Their combat style only proves it. They wield a great fork and consume souls. The great fork is like a strangely shaped trident. When it comes time to learn enemy spells they end up being horrifying instruments. The Dark Blue Mage points his great fork at an opponent; they writhe writhe in pain, shrivel up, and die. The only thing left is the floating pieces of their life force wandering towards the Dark Blue Mage’s soul jar. They devour the soul; in return they learn an ability that was dwelling within their enemy’s soul.

Blue Steel 10 20 - - - - 75
Rune Blue Steel 15 30 - - - - 150
Dark Blue Steel 20 40 - - - - 400
Giant Salad Fork 30 50 - - - - 800
Five Prong 40 70 - - - - 1,200
Heart Breaker 50 90 +7 Vitality 2,500
Shadow Hand 60 110 Shadow El.; 30% Venom 3,000
Falcon Claw 70 130 Keen Edge 5,000
Gluttony 80 150 30% Seal 8,000
Pandaemonium 100 200 Drain Weapon ARTIFACT

Blue Steel
Every Dark Blue Mage starts off with the first three weapons in their set as the same. The weapons might be different but the material is not.

Rune Blue Steel
More powerful than Blue Steel.

Dark Blue Steel
A Dark Blue Mage’s symbol weapon.

Giant Salad Fork
This is the first exclusive weapon for Dark Blue Mages of assimilation. This is not giant dinner fork.

Five Prong
A great fork with five prongs. More prongs to stab you with.

Heart Breaker
The prongs on this fork (as best as they can) resemble a heart shape.

Dark Hand
This great fork looks more like an eldritch hand reaching out to grab you.

Falcon Claw
A fork with the designs of the bird used for hunting.

For big eaters.

There is a city in Hell that all daemons live in. It is abode to chaos, and resentful to order. No one has ever dared try to venture in this place. Even if someone did try they would never make it back…