Dark Blue Gunblades


RANGE: Short

Some Dark Blue Mages require their gunblades to cast spells. When a Dark Blue Mage learns a spell she fashions them into bullets. Once she makes a bullet of a dedicated Blue Magic she can make conjure that ammunition out of thin air. It must be strange watching a Dark Blue Mage shoot an ally to heal them (e.g. White Wind), but it happens and it works.

Blue Steel 30 0 - - - - 75
Rune Blue Steel 45 0 - - - - 150
Dark Blue Steel 60 0 - - - - 400
Mercy 80 0 Dedicated: Humans 800
Searing Edge 100 10 Fire El., +13 Agility 1,200
Razor Edge 120 20 Keen Edge 2,500
Scimitar Six 140 30 - - - - 3,000
Phoenix Ash 160 40 +9 Vitality 5,000
Reaper 180 50 30% D. Sentence 8,000
Atlantis 230 70 +23 Magic; 15% Spell Effect: Rising Empire1, Ice El. Artifact

Blue Steel
Every Dark Blue Mage starts off with the first three weapons in their set as the same. The weapons might be different but the material is not.

Rune Blue Steel
More powerful than Blue Steel.

Dark Blue Steel
A Dark Blue Mage’s symbol weapon.

The first exclusive weapon for the gunslinging Dark Blue Mages. The strange thing about it is that they rarely show mercy.

Searing Edge
Its blade is known to cause second degree burns on some foolish Dark Blue Mages, due to the fact that this weapon constantly gives off heat.

Razor Edge
A sharp gunblade is all it takes to cut an enemy in half.

Scimitar Six
This was originally going to be named the "scimitar gun" but the inventor thought naming it after the six shooter, which acts as a handle, would sound more appealing.

Phoenix Ash
Based on the great bird of rebirth, this weapon grants a little more life to the Dark Blue Mage to carry on his mission.

The shape of this blade closely resembles a scythe.

Somewhere under the depths of the harsh waters lies an empire that was once a place of wonder and never ending progress, but now it is just ruins with horrifying spirits ready to destroy those who attempt to lay eyes on it.