Gunblades (FF 8)

Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Distribution: 4P/2M
Range: Short

A one handed sword designed with a firearm as its hilt. With proficient timing, the user of this weapon can deal extra damage as they slice through their adversaries by pulling the trigger of the gun portion of the sword. People have tried numerous times to treat this as a ranged weapon, but due to the sword's design (the location of the barrel), the bullet ricochets off the blade, or in worse cases, the blade is shot off completely rendering the wielder in potential harm. For these reasons the gunblade is always shot when the razor edge meets it's target.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost
Revolver 20 10 Magical Attack 75
Shear Trigger 30 15 Magical Attack 150
Hyperion 40 20 Demi Attack 400
Cutting Trigger 50 30 +7 Agility Magical Attack 800
Flame Sabre 70 40 Elemental: Fire Magical Fire Attack 1200
Shotgun Blade 90 50 Keen Edge Status Effect: Barrier 2000
Twin Lance 110 60 Magical Attack 3000
Punishment 130 70 Spell Effect: Cruelty1 Magical Attack 5000
Vanishing Star 150 80 Drain Status Effect: Haste and Regen 8000
Lionheart 200 100 Keen Edge and +23 Magic Status Effect: Reraise and Wall Legendary Item


This is a weapon mainly given to students in military academies that specialize with gunblades, because it is the most affordable one. It was developed by Nomura Industries.

Shear Trigger

All this weapon really is, is a Revolver with an improved firearm. Nomura Industries kept the blade and the bolts that attach it the the firearm. Although it was originally supposed to be called "Revolver V2", company dubbed it the "Shear Trigger" instead in hopes that a completely different name would make it seem more like a new gunblade design entirely.


This is the first (and last) gunblade with a ninety-degree angle hilt. The Hyperion has an automatic pistol in lieu of the classic revolver. However due to the angle of the hilt, it makes it difficult to use.

Cutting Trigger

The inspiration for the design of this gunblade was reportedly to be when someone stared into a flickering fire, they got a spark of potential. Hence its flame shaped blade.

Flame Sabre

Someone clearly thought to them selves, "You know what goes good with a sword shaped like fire? Incineration rounds!"

Shotgun Blade

Whoever thought about putting a shotgun on a gunblade was either twisted, or a genius. Since the bullets scatter when struck at the victim, the likely hood of at least one (or every) vital organ will be severely damaged.

Twin Lance

By combining two swords on one firearm this weapon suddenly seems more intimidating than the previous ones listed.


A powerful weapon that sometimes uses a unleashes a massive dose of cruelty upon the wielder's foes. This is highly recommended for those who are sadistic and enjoy watching creatures tremble.

Vanishing Star

This gunblade was designed for one purpose: keeping the wielder alive. It steals its victims life force and channels it to the wielder.


This legendary blade is not factory made. If anything, it was most likely crafted by celestial beings. But in reality, few believe in the Lionheart's existence, to the point where it is regarded as myth. Perhaps one day someone might find this and prove it to be real. But until then…