Attack/Magic Dice: d8/d8
Power Level: 3P/3M
Range: Long Range

Gunblades cornered the fused weapon market early in their life, and many weapon makers attempted to captured their use in other weapons. The most successful attempts at this were the gunknives, cut down versions of gunblades that still retained functionality as long range weapons as well as serving in close range combat. Gunknives are typically employed as paired sets.

Level Weapon Name AP MAP Special Ability Draw Out Cost
1 Gemini Revolver +15 +15 Magical Attack 75
2 Little Secret +25 +25 Magical Attack 150
3 Winged Hearts +30 +30 Wind Affinity Float 400
4 Silk Daydream +40 +40 Heals 110 HP 800
5 Soul Mirror +55 +55 Casts 'Ultima'1 1/4 Magic Break 1,200
6 Velvet Nightmare +70 +70 1/3 Demi 2,000
7 Valiant Duet +85 +85 20% Counter Magical Attack 3,000
8 Roman Tower +100 +100 30% Stun Barrier/MBarrier 5,000
9 Blazefire Memoria +115 +115 Fire Affinity, +10 Spirit +45 Strength 8,000
Artifact Tsubasa & Hikaru +150 +150 Wind/Holy Affinity, Drain Weapon Refresh/Regen -

Gemini Revolver
The most simple, as well as most produced type of gunknives, Gemini Revolvers resemble their gunblade cousins in design.

Little Secret
With miniaturized components and a conciliatory design, most people would never suspect these gunknives as being anything more than daggers.

Winged Hearts
These gunknives often resemble the mechanics of Gemini Revolvers, but with the blade modified to resemble an outstretched angel's wing.

Silk Daydream
Modeled after Velvet Nightmares, the softer coloration and cleaner lines of these gunknives were meant to be marketed towards a female audience.

Soul Mirror
With its semi-transluscence and magical properties, many people believe the Soul Mirror to be made from Materia or Magicite. The fact is, they may not be wrong.

Velvet Nightmare
With darker colors and sharper edges, the Velvet Nightmare was created more for intimidation then actual use. Still, they have proven themselves worth their metal in the field.

Valiant Duet
A pair of elaborate dueling gunknives, the Valiant Duet is a common sight in the sitting rooms of well-off individuals. Most have never seen actual combat.

Roman Tower
Heavy gunknives intended for defensive combat, many users instead utilize their weight to break through other's defenses. These hold the dubious distinction of being the only gunknives to utilize shotgun rounds for ammunition.

Blazfire Memoria
Currently employed as a regulation sidearm by military forces, few actually know where the design for this weapon came from, and those that do find they have a hard time remembering. Even still, the folding action of this weapon and low-upkeep will likely see it in many conflicts to come.

Tsubasa & Hikaru
These twin gunknives, lost now to legend, are said to hold the souls of twin sisters. Few claimed to have seen these weapons, and even with stories scattered across the land, they all share the same description of the weapons themselves and their capabilities in battle.