Cities, Towns, and Other Places


Peacesun is the magical capital of the world, as well as the capital of the Midori Continent. Here you can find The University of Magic Peacesun Branch, the largest of the universities. You will also find the Five Mage Towers, named in the direction they point (North, South, East, West And Central). Mage Tower North studies in White magic, while Mage Tower South studies in Black magic. East prepares it's students to become Time Mages, and West is for those wanting to become Callers and Summoners. Mage Tower Central is the most versatile, allowing study in multiple areas of magic.Also within the walls of Peacesun is the Temple of Mirrors, dedicated to the esper Carbuncle. Hidden within the city is a Assassin's Guild, known as the Society of the Daggers.They are in alliance with a few other guilds, such as the Tsuki-no-Kage Ninja Guild located in Lieva in Ophferborn. Other interests in Peacsun include Peacesun Lake Park, the Grand Library, and the Dreamscape Theatre. Peacesun is Five miles south of Midori Castle, as is basically located in the center of the southern half of the continent.

Ragnalyp is the industrial city, ran mostly by muginats (dwarf-like race). They are in charge of producing Gil, making fine quality weapons ranging from Knives to Rifles, from light swords like rapiers to heavy hammers of metal like the gigas's punch. Most of ther other races feel uncomfortable here because of all the smoke rising from the factories, the doors one has to bend down to enter, and the overall feeling of being surrounded by massive walls of iron. Some interest in this city include the Museum of Metals and Metalcraft, the Machina Battle Arena, and the Underground, a labryinth of Tunnels that run beneath the city. Many say the right path will lead you to the resting place of the creator of the legendary knivesmith, Tergin Sephrat. It is located fifteen miles south from the Guardian's Forest and twenty miles from the eastern shore.

Derilo is known for its artistic populace. Dollmakers, painters, sculptors, tailors, and even exquisite chefs make the gil in this small city. Many women the world around come here to order a custom dress from the Needle and Thread, the expert tailoring buisness that makes the best dresses out of the best material one can find. Rumpel Stiltskin (Not to be confused with the goblin(?) who tried to get the women to give him her first born for the talent to spin golden thread) is willing to buy rare material so he can make dresses out of it. Some of the material he looks for is silk, velvet, sarcenet, taffeta, blood wool, magic silk, rainbow cloth, luminicloth, and gold and silver metals. Other fabric is also accepted, but the appropriate price for a half pound of it is rather low, (about 150 gil to 400 gil) Derilo is loctaed seven miles south of the Kaziere Desert.

This is a small town, consisting of a small bazaar, a pub, a church, shops, a chocobo ranch, and about twenty five residences. Samuel, the town elder, has trouble with bandits sometimes, but they are usually taken care of by the city guard. Some of the populace goes to the Blue Moon (the pub) for food and entertainment. Kantint isa located six miles north of Guardian's Forest.

Midori Castle
The home of King Geshin and his nymu queen, Kamila, This is where heroes come when a quest of dire porportions is announced. King Geshin is about 65 years old, an Kamila is about 56.Both reign Midori with compassion and kindness, for they care about their people. Two of their three children still live with them: Prince Darrish the III and Princess Lilli still live within the castle walls. Prince Darrish is the heir to the Midori throne, while Princess Lillie awaits for her parents to arrange a marriage for her.Midori Castle lies five miles north of Peacesun.

Begonx is known as the town where white magic thrives, just because the town is mostly comprised of White Mages from various sects. Many of these healers come from the Temple of Healing Love, decicated to white magic and the esper Lakshmi. Various other sects exist, such as the Stellar House, the Mansion of the White Comet, and the Home of Healing. Some white mage youth are trained by their white mage parents. Another item of Interest is the fact that some Gecklings (lizardfolk) have made their home here instead of the forest. The other humanoid populace have adapted to this since the first few Gecklings entered the town in search of a place to go from being banished from their nomad clans. The Gecklings here are masters of crafting wooden items, such as bows and arrows, staffs, mallets, and furniture pieces such as chairs and tables.. Begonx is located twenty five miles up the mountain path from the Kaziere Desert.

The medium sized port town of Jonsty is the center of trade between Midori and the other two continents. Besides the bazaar, this place is home to a undersea cavern where many say they have seen a creature with the body of a blue turtle and the face of a monsterous man. One person reported that the creature said his name was Cagnazzo. There is also the Temple of the Silent Singer, dedicated to the esper Siren. Jonsty is located on the shore of the northern half of Midori, facing east into the sea.

Guardian's Forest
Home of the benevolent Forest Keeper, a Guardian whose very soul is the key to all life on the continent of Midori, this forest shelters many dryads, tinderhounds, and some rare plants such as the Prismrose, a silky white rose which gives off a large range of colors when light hits it. One can find a spring of Gaian Water inside Forest Keeper's Cave, which she is happy to share to the weary traveller. Her friendly companion, Lupont, a shapeshifter that takes form of a wolf, lives along with her. Guardian Forest is located south of Kankint

Dilimvor's Keep
These ruins are what was left of a private mage schooling tower led by Dilimvor Von Furonkin, a mage in the dark arts. Now the tower is fallen, still crumbling away. Many said a necromancer once made his home here, trying to return someone he had lost to life. But now the necromancer is gone, and all that's left here within the vicinity are zombies, skeletons, and burnt stone.

Kaziere Desert
Home to many Cactuar, Sand Elementals, Great Scorpiis, Sand Rays, and the rarer Gnoma Entite and Antlion, this desert stretches from the western tip of the Midori Mountain Range, down to four miles north of Derilo, and to the beach that oversees the Merrick Strait. Within the dunes of this desert lies some ruins of a lost time. The outside of the ruins features a strange ship-like temple with a few buildings featuring murals of an airship with the face of a demon at it's bow. Deep within these ruins is where many say a half-woman, half-scorpion creature stays. Many speculate that this place houses a secret of a higher being that can grant one the power of the darkness.

Millenium Maze
This labryinth appears every 1000 years, and the person who can open the gate and find their way to the room of the Maze Master will be granted any one thing he has within the room. Rumor has it that one of the keys to open the magical gate that leads into the Fortress of the Starpath lies within his possession. The gate into the Millenium Maze appears in the cave that leads into the Begonx Mine.

Begonx Mines
Begonx Mines is where the largest deposit of Gold, Silver, Mythril and Platinum is located. Miners go in and out of the mines to mine out the metal ores, ingots, and nuggets so they can make the money. THey also allow others to mine for a cost of 50 gil for five tries (Note: Mining Game is done by rolling a d10. Rolling a 6-7 gives you a ore of metal, 8-9 gives you an ingot, and rolling a 10 gives you a nugget. Roll a D8 to determine what metal you got.1-3 give you silver, 4-5 gives you gold, 6-7 gives you mythril, while 8 gives you platinum. Value of Metal is: Silver = 10 gil, Gold = 20 gil, Mythril = 25 gil, Platinum = 45 gil. The size of the metal also determines the price. Ore = *1, Ingot =*2, Nugget = *4)

Cemetary of the Fallen Heroes
This graveyard is reserved for the greatest of heroes. In the center of this place lies the mausoleum(?) of Mafera Hevensint, the mystari that gave his very soul to defeat the Fortress of the Starpath. Only Mystari are allowed to enter, and only they can invite others to enter with them. Within the tomb alongside Mafera is his wife, Lumina, and his son, Sol, another hero who was renowned by forcing Omega, an ancient machina built by the Ancients, into a cell where it has been sealed for many centuries. Only one who has the blood of the Hevensint can unlock the secret within the mausoleum. Other heroes, such as the nymu mage called Kitty the Nymu Jewel, the great hume Paladin Ergithon Keller, and the Fornmi archer Shyned Greenmaple, also lie within this graveyard.

Midori Chocobo Forest
The Midori Chocobo forest is home to many variety of Chocobo, be it Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, White, or Black. The kinds that appear in these type of forest are random. Midori Chocobo Forest is located 17 miles northwest of Derilo. (Chocobo Catching: Roll d% five times, once for each Chocobo that should appear. Only 5 chocobos are allowed to apear 01-30 = No Chocobos, 31-70 = Yellow Chocobo. 71-85 = Blue Chocobo, 86-90 = Red Chocobo, 91-94 = Green Chocobo, 95-97 = White Chocobo, 98-100 = Black Chocobo. Catch a chocobo by feeding it Gashyl Greens to try and make it fond of you. 1 GG = Yellow Fondness, 5 GG = Blue Fondness, 15 GG = Red Fondness, 25 GG = Green Fondness, 40 GG = White Fondness, 60 GG = Black Fondness. Give a Chocobo a Dead Pepper will make them immediately fond of you, except for a Black Chocobo. Blacks you need to give 5 Dead Peppers.)

Crater Table
Crater Table is a High-cliffed island that a meteor struck a long time ago. The Meteor itself was made of Adamantium, and many have scoured the crater for it's fragments. The crater seems picked clean, but there might be a few pieces left in it. The crater is eleven miles across, and is located between the two Midori penisulas.

Sion' Mach
Sion'Mach is also called Dragon City, due to the fact that no matter where you went, there would bound to be an image of a dragon somewhere, whether it is a statue, a sign, or just someone's pet Firelizard. The founder of this city, Ferdrick Sion Machory, had a fascination with dragons, and had those who helped him build the city place a dragon item on every street. Soon everyone was adding dragon items to there homes and shops until it was complete. Some interest within the city is the Firelizard Adoption Agency, The Dragon Museum, and Wyrmling Park (for the kiddies). Also within the city is the Temple of the Dragon King, dedicated to the Esper's king, Bahamut. Being one of the hardest Espers to obtain. You first must find a vial of Dragon's Blood, a Wyrmtooth, and a Garnet Dragon Neckalce. Each of these items are rare, but to obtain Bahamut, you must fight his three forms of power (Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, and Bahamut ZERO). Bahamut will allow you to rest between battles. Defeating all forms will also reward you with a Wyrm Badge. Sion' Mach is located 27 miles southwest of Lusor Chocobo Forest.

This city's name means 'cold winds', because of the winds that blow down from the snowy plain where the city of Cristell sits is icy cold an very unwelcomed in the fall and winter months. Located on the other side of the Tatzlwurm's Tunnel, not many people come here. The city is home to a famous bladesmith, who creates fine swords, greatsword, katanas, wakazashis, and all sorts of other bladed weapons. He tells the story about his ancestor who forged a blessed katana that could cut through the hardest steel, and grant whoever weilds it the physical and mental enrgy to fight through any mass of foes. Khelekta is also home to the Temple of the Thunderous Judge, dedicated to the esper, Ramuh. Khelekta is located 21 miiles southwest of Requiem Island.

Cristell is the snow-covered city of Lusor, for it lies high in the Dale Mountains, surrounded by a plain of snow. It is mostly known for its Frozen Lake, where all sorts of people gather on and skate, be it children, couples, families, or loners. Cristell is also known for Time Mages, as many of them come from here after studying from the Time Tower. The Temple of the Ice Queen, dedicated to the esper Shiva, lies on the outskirts of the main city. There is also a tower that houses a group of Spiritualist dressed in bird mask, who are dedicated to Icehawk, a bird esper of the Ice element. Once a year, the town has a skating championship, allowing anyone to try their best to impress the judges. The tournament is arranged for children, women, men, couples and moogles (moogle couples are placed in couples competition). Cristell is located in the center of the snowy plain in the Dale Mountains. (details on Skating Tournament later.)

Chateau Lusor
Instead of living in a fancy castle, Lord Zeus and his family live inside this nice Chateau. The way towards the building is lines with a natural mural of roses, lilies, petunias, and other flowers that symbolize love. This was done for his wife, Lady Rosa, a dryad he married by fairy laws, then by hume laws. His two children, the twind Prince Galon and Princess Star, tend to venture away from the chateau to explore the land. Princess
Star likes to go to Cape Silver and walk along the beach, just walking to pass the time. Prince Galon, on the other hand, goes to random rarely explored areas such as the Serpent's Way ruins and Requiem Island. Lord Zeus pays heroes to kill troublesome monsters that threaten the land. One hunt he has sent for was to kill a giant of a mutant behemoth many call Trask. Every person who has went on this hunt has never returned. Chateau Lusor stands ten miles from the western shore across from Requiem Island.

Hurncon is the port city in Lusor, and also center in trade.It has a dock for ships, and has a feild for small airships (called balloons, it can hold up to 15 people with room for some cargo below deck.) Larger airships, like the ones found at Opherborn Airport, land in the feild outside of Hurncon and transport their cargo by carts and chocobos. Inside the city lies a bazaar, a chocobo ranch, a large bank where one can take loans up to 1000 gil (but characters have to pay for it by sacrificing 20% of their battle earnings for every battle until the loan is paid off), a small park, a library, and the Temple of the Sea King (dedicated to the esper Leviathan). Other interest in this town are the chocobo tracks for ameteur chocobo riders and the tour down below the surface of the Crystal Cavern. Hurncon is located on the shore of the northeastern penisula of Lusor.

Greenwood is the all fornmi city, dedicated into perserving the Fornmi ways, like tending to the needs of nature and the practice of swordsmanship and archery. The city has a large park in its center, where trees and flowers line the grass paths. There is also a temple dedicated to nature, called the Temple of the Mother, and therefore serves as the temple dedicated to Jaia, the forest mother. Along with this item of interest, there is a nature's bazaar where items made from nature-born items are sold, such as the Crown of Thorns and the Silk Veil. Other items, like painted rocks and leaf molds, are only for decor purposes. Greenwood is located three miles south of the Norther Lusor Mountains.

Kirtano Village
Kirtano Village is an nymu village, though there are a few other races here, mostly those that are married to a nymu. The things of interest here include the weekly fire dances, the guides that can lead you into the old structure across the river, and the theatre that shows off many plays written by nymus, and occasionally a barlesque show ( : - D ). There are rumors that a man dressed in red appearts at the fire dances, then jumps into the fire where he disappears. Many report his name is Rubikon.

Cape Silver
Cape Silver is known for it's haunted lighthouse and the beatuiful dawns and sunsets one sees while sitting on the beach. Many also watch the Sea Serpent migration from here, as well as hiopes to see the Undin Entite jump from the waters and grant its watchers with a beatiful rainbow as light passes through it's body. The lighthouse is home to the spirits of those who serviced the lighthouse long before magic lights were created to guide ships safely through the sea. Many say the first lightkeeper will greet people, and tell thenm a secret about where a rare treasure lies. Cape Silver is located at the southeastern tip of Lusor.

Fairy Orchard
This grove of trees and fruiting plants is home to a full populace of Feyfolk, from forest fairies to dryads to whisperwings. The king here, King Oogoo, kindly grants anyone passage into the grove as long as they cause no harm to the trees, plants, or inhabitants. King Oogoo has fifteen children, eleven of them being his daughters, many of differant species of fey then the others. Many say you can meet Jaia here when she comes to visit her husband. Fairy Orchid is located eight miles north-northeast of Kirtano Village.

Requiem Island
Originally the home to the seven Song Sisters, this jungle island is full of many dangerous beast such as Lamias, Malboros, Coeurls, and Greater Shamblers. In the middle of the island stands Siren's Tower, where Siren first sung her song before she became an esper. Her followers, the Song Sisters, where granted long lives by her, but rumor speaks that all but one have gone. Many speak of treasures inside the tower, but those who seek it out usually fall victim to the beast of the island, mostly the man-hungry Lamias. Requiem Island is located in the Center of Lusor Bay.

Lusor Chocobo Forest
Much like the Midori Chocobo Forest, but in Lusor. It is located on the eastern side of the Lusor Mountain Range. (Same rules aplly here as in Midori).

Temple of the End Rider
Located in the middle of the Southern Lusor Basin, this temple dedicates it's time to the worship of the esper Odin. Each follower either weilds a replica of the Zantetsuken or the Gungnir (pronounced Gu-Nog-Neer, for those who don't know). The trial one goes through after awakening the avatar of Odin is perilous, but worthy all the same. The Temple of the End Rider is located thirty two miles from both Chateau Lusor and Kirtano Village.

Behemoth Grounds
Located in the Lusor Mountainsw, this place used to be home to many families of Behemoths, but a mutated Behemoth called Trask has taken over the area as his own territory. Someone discovered notes in a stack of papers talking about how Trask came to be, and headed to Chateau Lusor to show Lord Zeus and stated it can cause problems if it runs out of food within his territory. Lord Zeus posted a bill stating he'll give 4000 gil to every person who partakes in the defeat of Trask.

Tatzlwurm's Tunnel
Home to a large Dragonwurm, known as Tatzlwurms, these tunnels go everywhere within the large mountain. Those who dare travel through here and make it are just lucky they didn't run into the Tatzlwurm. The Tatzlwurm can breath fire, cold, and lightning and has no problem using its tunnels to ambush travelers.

Serpent's Way
Serpent's Way is a long winding tunnel that has been there since before the Three Nation's War. Many creatures, mostly Anacondours, have made their home in this place, and will attack anyone who enters. At the end of the Tunnel is a wall with an ancient riddle on it. It also features a women with three faces. Know one has decipher the language yet, but many say the answer will lead you into a great room of treasure.


Lieva is the largest city in Opherborn, and the most popular. In this great city is the Chocobo Entertainment Center, home to Chocobo Races, Chocobo Battles, and Chocobo Polo. There is also a gambling center where one can place a bet on any chocobo event, or just play games on the floor, like Slots, Blackjack, Poker, and even Tetra Master. One can also enter their chocobo in a certain event in hopes of winning a big prize. Other Interest in this city is the largest chocobo ranch in Halcyon, The Temple of Rebirth (dedicated to Phoenix), the Tsuki-Kage Ninja guild, the four parks people go to, and the Spoils bazaar, where you can buy items that have been dropped from monsters. There is also a hidden temple here, but one must follow the clues left by the members to find it. Hint: look for the three open mouths. the next clue is located in the center mouth. Lieva is located seven miles east from the wide bend of the West Opherborn River.

Largest coastal city in the world, Redstar is home to many races just looking to live a relaxing life next to the sea. Within the city is a seaside shop, the Temple of the Beauty and the Beast (dedicated to Chardarnook), a bazaar, and a museum that leads you under the sea so you can see the many creatures and beings that live within the waters. One might get the chance to see the Undin Halcyon swimming by. Durring the tropical storms, many have seen a lone woman wearing a chainlink bikini with blond hair as long as her body stand there watching into the sea. Just as the eyewall of the storm is about to hit land, she somehow spins faster than any mere humanoid can and goes into the storm. Minutes later the storm disappears, with the woman along with it. Redstar is located on the western coast of West Opherborn.

Shailone is a medium-sized city known for it's ties back into ancient culture. There is a whole section of city housing ancient technology, like Burden Machina, which were used to take on various hard labor that couldn't be done with less then five men. Other such accomplishments by the ancients include teleportation stones, plane crystals (able to take one to another plane, like the Spirit realm or the Realm of the Espers. Shailone is located eight miles southwest of Opherborn Chocobo Forest.

Opherborn Palace
Opherborn Palace is home to King Kuno, a moogle. He is respected highly as a king.. He sends adventurers to the north to the White Wolf Forest, where many have seen knowledge seekers, white wolfs that stand upright and carry books with them into the forest. Knowledge seekers work for the Guardian of Knowledge, Wise Woman, and her library, which is thought to be hidden within the forest. King Kuno sends adventurers to find the library so he can get books to help him learn about the world's past and present, and to defend his kingdom from any possible threat. It is said that a secret lies somewherre within the palace, and that it leads to the one of the greatest holy powers known to man. Opherborn Palace is located seventeen miles from the western edge of East Opherborn.

Rantzil is the port town of Opherborn. Here many items from other nations arrive, as well as people. Within the city is a large temple made of stone called the Temple of Earth's Might, and is dedicated to Titan.

Tylond is located near Verintese Caverns, where the people have found many treasures such as large deposits of zodiac ore, elemental crystals, and ancient machinery. It town's profits come from the caverns. Tylond is located fifty-six miles across the hilly terrain from Shailone.

Opherborn Airport
The Opherborn Airport is home to the Skyhawk family's many airships. Every airship ever constructed was first created at this Airport. Cid Elrick Skyhawk, father to Cidney Ellen Skyhawk and Kyle Cedric Skyhawk, both Airship captains, has continued his family's legacy for years as the world's finest airship builders, pilots, mechanics, and all. Every year, the Skyhawk family holds a racing event around the world for all sorts of airships to participate in. It starts at Opherborn Airporrt, flying past Lieva, flying between Peacesun and Midori Castle, over Cape Silver, and arriving back at Opherborn Airport. When entering the airport, the following motto is hung above the entrance: "Skyhawk Family sticks together, utterly unlike birds of a feather"
The current Airships in existance is the Highwind (Cid), the Lockeheart (Cidney), The Strife (Kyle), The Lamia's Grace (Lord Zeus), and the Invincable (King Kuno). King Geshan has hired Cidney and her Lockeheart as his personal transportation.

Opherborn Chocobo Forest
Same as the other two forest, but located in the Opherborn Mountains, and has the following Chocobo Catching chance (01-30 = No Chocobos, 31-60 = Yellow Chocobo. 61-75 = Blue Chocobo, 76-80 = Red Chocobo, 81-89 = Green Chocobo, 90-95 = White Chocobo, 96-100 = Black Chocobo.

White Wolf Forest
The White Wolf Forest is full of beast, the more viscious of them is the Worgen; white, oversized wolves with blood red paws and face. The other creatures that may inhabit this place are Gnarled Treants, White Wolfs, Goblin Mages, Malboros, Arachnes, Forest Witches, and maybe a Mindflayer, as reports are still sketchy about the Mindflayer. Somewhere within the forest is the Wise Woman's Library. The Knowledge Seekers know the way, maybe following them may reveal it.

Wise Woman's Library
The Guardian of Knowledge has the knowledge of the ages from the time she was created to the present. She is part woman, part owl, and part dragon. She, just like many of her sisters, doesn't believe in covering her modesty, as she believes that natural beauty should be seen. She stays within her library to study the knowledge that is brought to her by her servants. If someone was to dare steal something from her, she would unleash the knowledge of magic she knows on the ones stealing the knowledge, and those accompanying them as well.

Verintese Caverns
These caverns were once home to an Ancient machina development facility. None of the machina records have survived but one: Omega 13 series. It was a machina built specifically for battling large monsters with ease. One day, it malfunctioned and destroyed the facility, then took it's rampage across the land. They hired a Mystarin Red Mage and his team to defeat it, and lure it into a vault. The record is incomplete, as nothing else is recorded about Omega, The Mystari Red Mage Lornith, or the incident between them.

Beholder Swamp
The home to many varieties of Beholder, the Beholder Swamp is looked in a wierd location; in the mountains in a valley. With the center of this swamp are ruins that are also inhabited by Beholders. No man has returned from the ruins, so death awaits all who enter.

Crystal Cave
This cavern is located east of of Beholder Swamp, and contains crystals of all sorts and sizes, from Magicite to High Arcana, it can be found here. Within a part of the cave is an ancient machine. It's purpose is unknown, as there is no power to it. Within the same room, a powerful presense is felt.


Kerokero is home to Pouglenn, the frogfolk. THey had lived in peace with the Mystari and the Moogles on the island for years, and will remain that way with the Moogles, as the Mystario have disappeared. Elder Froggotten Silvertongue is the cheif of the village, and searches for people to go into the Deep Jungle to collect herbs for him.

Kupopia is the moogle city, home to many moogles and their partners that may or may not be Moogles. Muno Kunogli is the town elder, but only speaks Mogli. Here you can find plenty of a chocobo's favorite food, Dead Pepper.

Deep Jungle
The Deep Jungle is the space between the two cities. It is filled with many dangerous monsters, such has Chimera, Jungle Shamblers, Ouroboroses and even Dire Coeurl. There is also a robed figure who has been seen raising the dead and leading them around. For what purpose, no one dares ask.


Misty's Waterfall Tower
Home to the Guardian of the Waters, Misty. She controls the waters of the world.

Rubianna's Volcanix Keep
Home to the Guardian of the Flames, Rubianna. She controls the fires of the world. She has a hatred for mortals after one left her at the altar many years ago. The mortal in question is King Kuno, moogle king of Opherborn.

Gale's Mountain Tower
Home to the Guardian of the Winds, Gale. She controls the winds of the worlds.

Jasmine's Forest Sanctuary
Home to the Guardian of the Lands, Jasmine. She controls the shifting of the world's plates, as well as the fertility of its soils. She once had a mortal love, but he died of old age. So she brings him flowers and plants them on his grave, where his body gives life to them through his decaying flesh.

Lady in White's Crystal Rooms
Home to the Soul Sister, Lady in White, Guardian of Life. She controls to emotions of the monsters around the island, but controls the balance between life and death, along with her sister, Lady in Black, Guardian of Death. Though the two stay apart, they have balanace and can communicate by thought only over the many miles they are away from each other. Lady in White searches for someone to spend her life with, someone with a very strong holy spirit.