Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Distribution: 4P/2M
Range: Long Range

Any gun that could conceivably be fired from one hand (without dislocating a shoulder) is considered a handgun. Relatively new to most worlds, these devices have already earned a place in certain hearts.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost
Zip Gun +20 +10 Magical Attack 75
Revolver +30 +15 Magical Attack 150
Auto Pistol +40 +20 Magical Attack 400
Taser +50 +30 30% Stun Heals 110 HP 800
Submachine Gun +70 +40 Magical Attack 1,200
Peacemaker +90 +50 30% Seal 50% Stun, 35% Sleep 2,000
Sniper Pistol +110 +60 Keen Edge Agility Break 3,000
Magnum +130 +70 +40 Strength 5,000
Deckard Special +150 +80 Magical Attack 8,000
The Golden Gun +200 +100 30% DSentence, +23 Agility Magical Attack -

Zip Gun
This small, low-caliber handgun can fit just about anywhere.

Reliable and trustworthy, this old standby will function long after more complex weapons break down and jam.

Auto Pistol
A handgun that fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, an autopistol is a step up from the revolver.

This neat little device launches a pair of electrodes that carry an electrical charge to the target, incapacitating him.

Submachine Gun
Smaller than an assault rifle or machinegun, a submachine gun keeps spitting out bullets as long as you hold the trigger.

This famous make of gun is popular among those who can afford it.

Sniper Pistol
Fitted with a scope, this pistol is truly a professional's weapon.

Loading the biggest rounds ever designed for handguns, magnums pack a big wallop.

Deckard Special
This custom-built hand cannon fires rounds that were most definitely not designed for handguns.

The Golden Gun
No one knows the origin of this particular weapon or its mysterious golden bullets, but it is known to be the most lethal handgun ever made.