Holy Sword

The Paladin is the epitome of honor, chivalry and nobility, the champion of the cause of light and goodness. He is the perfect example of the legendary knight in shining armor. Some Paladins are in the service of a god or higher power; others simply follow their own code of honor as they travel the lands. Though they posess minor White Magic and healing powers, their greatest strength is in combat, where they destroy their enemies with holy wrath.

Primary: Fatal Blow
A more powerful version of Split Punch, Crush Punch attempts to exorcise the evil soul of the target. If successful, it is driven from its body and banished forever to the Abyss.

Primary: Healing Tech (W)
The Cure spell restores the health of a single ally in a flurry of blue and green motes of light, healing damage and closing injuries with holy light. Though not as skilled in the healing arts as a White Mage, the Paladin's healing is welcome in any adventuring party.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondary: Area Effect, Inflicts Confuse, Holy Elemental

Unleashing all the holy power at his command, the Paladin blasts his enemies with an explosion of dazzling energy. So great is its power that those who are not destroyed immediately are dazed and confused, unable to control their actions for several rounds.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondary: Inflicts Seal, Lightning Elemental

A bolt of divine lightning strikes the Paladin's sword, and he lands a mighty blow on the target, discharging its elemental energy into its body, disrupting its ability to concentrate and use Techs.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: Holy Elemental

With this spell, the Paladin calls the forces of light into his sword and releases it in a jarring bolt of holy energy that shreds its target for significant damage.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Inflicts Death Sentence, Holy Elemental

Calling down divine retribution onto one foe, the target takes heavy Holy damage, and is given only a few rounds to repent its sins before its soul is called from its body.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Inflicts Stun, Holy Elemental

Binding his enemy with sacred power, the Paladin delivers a powerful strike that freezes the target in its tracks.