Dark Samurai have a series of amulets they refer to as "Imago".

Imagos are gems made from the blood of nightmares that escaped to our material realm. The blood begins to solidify and takes the shape of a beetle made out of gemstones.

Dark Samurai treat these as tokens for a victory.

Relic Effect Cost
Ladybug Immunity: Lock 500
Spotted June Immunity: Slow 500
Stag Beetle Immunity: Seal 500
Weevil Wind Resistance 2,000
Carrion Beetle Immunity: Zombie; -5 Critical 2,500
Firefly +10 Agility, +1dn Fire Boost 3,000
Hercules Beetle +20 Strength 3,000
Longhorn Earth Resistance; +2 Magic; +8 Vitality 3,000
Artifact Relic Effect
Ra's Scarab Auto-Status: Float; Immunity: Poison, Sap, and Venom; +10 Vitality; +5 Spirit
The Gold-Bug -10 Critical; Immunity: Death, D. Sentence, Zombie; +15 Agility