Jack Skellington

The Pumpkin King. Master of fright and a demon of light! He is a formidable opponent who uses fear as his weapon and darkness as his shield.
Do not underestimate him, because what he lacks in physique he makes up for in evasiveness and magic. He may seem dead. He may even claim to be. But he is alive and kicking.

Jack Skellington

(BOSS) Immune to all negative status effects, instant death, and demi.
Type: Phobos
Level: 90
XP: 13500
GP: 6750

Base Stats

Strength: 70
Magic: 130
Vitality: 110
Spirit: 105
Agility: 100

Derived Stats

Hit Points: 31300
Magic Points: 195
Attack Power: 140
Magic Attack Power: 260
Speed: 25
Critical: 92
Accuracy: 25
Magic Accuracy: 31
Evade: 45
Resist: 46
Strength Dice: 1d8
Magic Dice: 2d10
Max Tech Levels: 27


Level 1 Powers
Command Skill: X-Magic

Level 2 Powers
Weak Regeneration

Level 4 Powers
Exceptional Stats Lvl 4
Greater Absorbency: Shadow Lvl 4

Blue Magic

Pumpkin King (Level 3 Power)
MP: 21
Flip a coin. If heads then this deals 3M3 Fire damage to all enemies. If tails it deals 3M3 Shadow damage to a random target with a 50% drain.

Pumpkin Head (Level 4 Power)
MP: 21
Deals damage to one enemy equal to your maximum HP minus your current HP.

Hard Bones (Level 3 Power)
This enemy skill can only be cast on oneself. It provides the status Barrier for 1+1d4 Ticks.

Nightmare Cannon (Level 3 Power)
Jack launches a black ooze at the player at high speeds dealing 3M3 damage.

Dream Leech (Level 3 Power)
MP: 1
Jack will do his best Sandy Claws laugh and then drains one Player's MP equal to 5 + (MAG / 10)1 while shouting "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Combat Tactics

He will periodically cast Protect and X-Magic his Nightmare cannon. When his MP is low he will cast Dream Leech, but if his health is low he will cast Pumpkin Head or Pumpkin King. He rarely attacks physically but his skeletal hands are like knives.

Drop Items

(Optional Drop) Gelatinous Rope2
Super Potion

Steal Items

Super Ether
Phoenix Pinion