Attack Dice: d10
Magic Dice: d6
Distribution: 5P/1M
Range: Short

The katana is the oriental answer to the sword, and the signature weapon of a samurai. Katana are easily identified by their curved, single-edged blade and small hand-guard. Forged in an intensive process of folding and re-folding the blade, the cutting power of a katana is nearly unrivaled.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost
Ashura +30 +0 Magical Attack 75
Kotetsu +45 +0 Magical Attack 150
Bizen's Pride +60 +0 MP Attack 400
Heaven's Cloud +80 +0 Casts 'Wind'1 40% Stun, 35% Slow 800
Kiyomori +100 +10 +6 Vitality Barrier, MBarrier 1,200
Aura Forge +120 +20 Magical Attack (Holy) 2,000
Muramasa +140 +30 Shadow Affinity, Drain Weapon 40% Confuse, 35% DSentence 3,000
Yoshiyuki +160 +40 Magical Attack 5,000
Murasame +180 +50 30% Seal Heals 235 HP 8,000
Masamune +230 +70 +11 Vitality, +11 Spirit Regen, Haste -


These katana are just a few inches shorter than most, making them more affordable, but also a bit less effective. They are named after the spirits that are said must be present in the blade. After all, what true samurai would carry such a blade unless it were blessed?


These well crafted katana are the standard weapon of the Southern Province. Used in the many conflicts its unwise daimyo has started, it is said that each of these blades holds the wailing spirit of its previous owners.

Bizen's Pride

The famous cabal of sword smiths, Bizen, chooses each year one blade forged from among its members to bestow the title of Pride upon. Thus these blades are highly sought after and quite deadly.

Heaven's Cloud

Forged for the famous White Samurai who guard the Eastern Province, these blades are said to be so sharp that a foe never even feels the blade pierce the skin.


Long ago a noble daimyo named Kiyomori was overthrown by his wicked ronin cousin and expelled from his province. Gathering the last of his families wealth, he ordered the creation of these blades for his remaining loyal troops. Their dedication and endurance finally prevailed and he retook his seat of power. Today these blades are rare, and it is whispered that their wielders are supernaturally tough.

Aura Forge

These rare blades are crafted for Temple guardsmen, and the remembrance of that holy task follows the blade throughout is service


Wicked blades named after their creator, a sword smith who created these blades for one purpose - the death of others. Some samurai refuse to stain their honor by carrying one of these blades, but their power and usefulness ensures they carry a hefty price tag.


These fine blades are the product of one of the first recorded sword smiths. It is said that he forged them with DUTY and tempered them with HONOR. There exist today prettier blades, but few that are as effective.


These blessed magical blades bear the grieved spirits of widows. It is said that it is the spirit's resolve that such sorrow should never fall on another that makes these blades so powerful and protective of their owner's life.


This blade is the greatest creation of the greatest sword smith to ever live. It was enchanted to ensure that its wielder would be able to complete any task their master laid before them. Its last owner failed its master in this respect, and the blade disappeared from their scabbard. It remains hidden to this day.