Key Rings

Where does a dark Keyblader store all of those key chains? Dark Keybladers often times use mundane key rings, but every now and then, they run into something that just might help. Remember a character can only equip one relic at a time, but may switch them out during battle.


Name Effect Cost
Null-Dead Immunity: Zombi 500
Well Being Immunity: Venom, Poison 1,000
Warrior +5 Strength, +5 Vitality 1,000
Zen Immunity: Berserk, Confuse, Slow 1,500
Sniper -5 Critical; Immunity: Blind 2,500
Celestial Shroud Resistance: Wind; Immunity: Death, Seal, Curse 4,000
Terrestrial Shroud Resistance: Earth; Immunity: Stone, D. Sentence 4,000

Artifact Relics

Name Effect
Ribbon-in-a-Knot Immunity: ALL Negative Status Effects
Dark Matter -10 Critical; +20 Agility; Immunity: Blind, Stop