Dark Keyblades

AP/MAP Distribution: 3/3
Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Range: Short

Some secrets are best kept locked. It is the duty of the Dark Keyblader to keep it that way. Although Dark Keybladers aren’t evil, the weapon of choice they use resembles it. Perhaps they are trying to seem intimidating.

Name AP MAP Special Cost
Kingdom Key D 15 15 - 75
Street Rat 25 25 - 150
Nobody’s Heart 30 30 - 400
Styx 40 40 Water El. 800
Hellfire 55 55 Fire El.; Dedicated: Undead 1,200
Madness Fantasy 70 70 Keen Edge 2,500
Xyro 85 85 Drain Weapon 3,000
The Abyss 100 100 Shadow El. 5,000
Oblivion 115 115 30% Venom 8,000
Pandora Weapon 150 150 +23 Agility; Keen Edge Artifact

Kingdom Key D
Most Dark Keybladers choose this to be their first weapon, as if to remind themselves that they are still Keybladers, even if their paths will be different.

Street Rat
A lock pick shaped keyblade. It curiously resembles the deeds of a famous thief in a Scheherazade tale.

Nobody’s Heart
Nothing insults your enemies more than having a keyblade made of its friends. Due to the nature of this keyblade it is considered a rite of passage for the dark keyblader.

This is the result of Hades being tricked into a pact that he is forced to stay in. It has been noted that when an enemy is defeated by this keyblade, they disappear in a “watery flash”. Hades must be benefiting from this pact somehow…

Also known as Dante’s Inferno. The air from the tip of this gets heated to the point that it ripples. The undead seem to fear this thing for some reason.

Madness Fantasy
What would Halloween Town be without Jack Skellington? The Pumpkin King made little spider keychain trinkets that attacked those who wore it. For some reason, a Dark Keyblader thought it was a good idea to attach it to his keyblade. The Dark Keyblader was right.

A Keyblade shrouded in razors seems to resemble the dark side of teen angst more than what it’s actually used for. Trading your foes blood for your physical wellbeing.

The Abyss
“There is nothing to fear except fear itself.” An inspiring, yet inaccurate quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt. There is another thing to fear: Nothing. The very essence of nothingness. Just remember that when one stares into the shaded abyss; the abyss gazes back.

When placed in the hands of a normal Keyblader, it sometimes reduces their magical potential. When placed in the hands of a Dark Keyblader, it unlocks the corrosive venom that hides in all of our hearts.

Pandora Weapon
Stemming from the legend of the girl whose curiosity damaged the world around her, the Pandora Weapon is the Dark Keybladers ultimate keyblade. However, the Pandora Weapon is just a child’s bedtime story…