Sacrificial Knives (Dark Blue)

RANGE: Short

Used in rituals when facing an enemy. Dark Blue Mages of Necromancy will kill bring foes to their demise at the price of of their own huamnity.

Blue Steel 0 30 - - - - 75
Rune Blue Steel 0 45 - - - - 150
Dark Blue Steel 0 60 - - - - 400
Keris 0 85 - - - - 800
Crucifix Shiv 10 100 - - - - 1,200
Bone Dagger 20 120 Holy El.; 15% Spell Effect: Night Blink1 2,500
Sickle 30 140 +8 Vitality; 30% Poison 3,000
Crow Caw 40 160 Keen Edge 5,000
Death's Grasp 50 180 30% D. Sentence 8,000
Tartarus 70 230 +23 Magic; Dedicated Weapon: God-like ARTIFACT

Blue Steel
Every Dark Blue Mage starts off with the first three weapons in their set as the same. The weapons might be different but the material is not.

Rune Blue Steel
More powerful than Blue Steel.

Dark Blue Steel
A Dark Blue Mage’s symbol weapon.

An asymmetrical blade. The Blue Necromancer's first original weapon.

Crucifix Shiv
A crucifix whittled to a point. Used as a stake for ritualistic purposes.

Bone Dagger
A holy sacrificial weapon. It can unleash dark spirits within.

A farmer's sickle may seem futile in a fight but when wielded by a Dark Blue Mage it is a weapon worth rivaling against.

Crow's Caw
A pair of black shears shaped like a crow's beak.

Death's Grasp
It's actually a glove with blades on the end. Used to find the soul inside a victim to steal their power.

There are places not even nightmares wish to dwell. Deep below the rivers of Hades there lies a chasm of despair and punishment. Entering there means you were meant to be there; those who find themselves in Tartarus remain trapped and perish away…