Life Warden

Sworn to defend his charge to the death, the Life Warden has a wide array of abilities focused on this goal. Most Life Wardens have the Cover minor ability and favor heavy armor to withstand the strongest of attacks, and medium weapons such as swords for a balance between speed and power.

Unique: Scan
Secondary: Area Effect
As a bodyguard, Life Wardens must always be able to quickly Assess potential threats to their charges.

Primary: Quadra Slam
Secondary: Lesser Status Attack (Stun)
Life Wardens can launch a flurry of blows that can briefly stun multiple opponents, allowing their charges to escape.

Primary: Status Effect (Barrier)
Borrowed from the White Mages, the Barrier spell can greatly improve the longevity of a Life Warden's charge or another ally by erecting an invisible field of energy around his body, which absorbs half of all physical damage dealt to him. MBarrier, its cousin, provides the same protection, but against magical attacks.

Disabling Blow
Primary: Power Attack (Medium)
Secondary: Lesser Status Attack x2 (Blind and Seal)
With a single devastating attack, a Life Warden can effectively cripple an enemy's ability to attack.

Last Resort
Primary: Fatal Blow
Cost Method: Sacrifice (Version 1)
Sometimes, time is of the essence to assure the safety of one's charge, and sometimes, there is a foe who stands between one's charge and safety. When both happen, a Life Warden has the Last Resort.

Life Gift
Primary: Healing
Secondary: Sacrifice (Version 1)
A Life Warden can heal another's wounds by taking them onto his own body.

Phoenix Strike
Primary: Revenge
Secondary: Drain Attack (50%)
The Phoenix Strike is a powerful maneuver that allows a Life Warden to turn the tide of battle with a single attack, and it is one of the most valuable techniques in a Life Warden's arsenal.

Primary: Healing (Strong)
Secondary: Boost (50%), Self-Only
The very nature of a Life Warden's career puts them in great peril, and no Life Warden has ever emerged unharmed, but the body of a Life Warden is practiced at repairing itself with haste.