Light Sword

In skilled hands, a light sword, such as a rapier, can be a deadly force. Light swords are normally favored by style-conscious fighters, but there have been cases where even mages choose light swords. Nearly all light swords lack the cutting edge, but contain an affinity to channel magic with great accuracy.

Steel Rapier +10 +20 none Demi Attack 25%
Epee +15 +30 none Agility Break 20%
Scarlette +20 +40 Fire Affinty Magical Attack -Fire
Silver Rapier +30 +50 Double Damage vs. Werebeast MP Attack
Mythril Rapier +40 +70 none Magic +25
Colichemarde +50 +90 Agility +15 Agility +30
Holy Degen +60 +110 Keen Edge, Holy Affinty Berserk 45%, Seal 40%
Tyrving +70 +130 Double Damage vs. Dragons MP Attack
Femme Fatale +80 +150 DSentence 30% DSentence 75%
Diabolique +100 +200 Shadow Affinity, Drain Weapon Curse 80%

Steel Rapier
Similiar to a fencing rapier, but without the precautions. It has a nasty little sting to it.

A fancy little sword with a small wave-length blade.

The handguard of this blade has a falme like design, and the blade is red. Many scepculate that, if struck the right way, it can cause a firestorm within an small area.

Silver Rapier
Made of silver, this blade has been a favored weapon against the Werebeast, such as Werewolfs, Wererats, and Weretigers.

Mythril Rapier
Much like the Silver Rapier, but made of Mythril. It lacks of any special ability, however.

A light sword designed to enhance the speed of its user. Experts in this sort of blade can even increase other's speed, as well as their own, by bringing out the true power of the blade.

Holy Degen
Forged by a white knight who wielded light swords, this blade has been produced more and more over the years, until it has became famous amoung paladins and the like. Blessed with a sharp edge and holy power, it is a nightmare to Undead and Demon alike.

Also called. 'The Little Dragonslayer', This blade is designed so that it can penetrate the hide of wyrms and their kin. Becuase it is made of a metal that can be sharp enough to pierce even a dragon's thick hide, it is favored to those who want to slay the almighty dragons.

Femme Fatale
Wielded by a number of female warriors, Femme Fatale earned it's namesake from a woman who slayed an entire goblin army, causing each one to bleed to death in battle. That day, a mist came upon the battlefield in mid-battle. When the goblin backup arrived and heard others of their kind scream in pain, they waited until the mist blew away. When it did, there was the female warrior, soaked in the dark blood of her enemy, and still willinmg to fight. One goblin muttered a single legend's name… Femme Fatale, which in their primitive language sounded much like 'blood dancer'. From that day on, Goblin kind learned to fear such blades, refering to them as 'The blade soaked in 1000 goblins' blood'

A dark blade derived from the depths of hell. It saps away at the targets life with each blow, while doing shadow damage. The blade is made of a black metal and the handguard is carved out of bone, engraved with images of pain and horror. It is said that a demon created this blade to combat Alexander and Madeen, and while the blade was effective, the Demon himself couldnt survive the holy assualt between the two massive Holy summons.