Attack Dice: d10
Magic Dice: d5
Distribution: 5P/1M
Range: Long Range

Bigger than a handgun, smaller than a cannon, long guns bridge the gap between support weapons and the more concealable pop guns. Riflemen disdain the lighter handguns for the greater firepower long guns provide.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost
Air Rifle +30 +0 40% Stun 75
Scattergun +45 +0 MP Attack 150
Sporting Rifle +60 +0 Heals 85 HP 400
Double-Barrelled +80 +0 Magical Attack 800
Lever-Action +100 +10 +25 Agility 1,200
12-Guard Pump +120 +20 30% Seal Barrier, Wall 2,000
Assault Rifle +140 +30 Haste, Regen 3,000
Sniper Rifle +160 +40 Keen Edge Demi Attack 5,000
Machine Gun +180 +50 Magical Attack 8,000
Perfect Shot +230 +70 30% Seal Magical Attack -

Air Rifle
Little more than a toy, an air rifle is cheap and relatively harmless.

This smoothbore gun loads shells filled with tiny lead pellets. Ouch.

Sporting Rifle
A bit more upscale than air rifles, sporting rifles are a popular game weapon for the social elite.

Take a scattergun and give it twice the killing power.

This classic weapon is popular among Riflemen, combining a large magazine with a rate of fire as fast as you can work the lever.

12-Gauge Pump
Bigger than earlier shotguns, the 12-Gauge Pump is popular among law enforcement.

Assault Rifle
This military rifle is capable of three-round bursts and fully automatic fire.

Loading the biggest rounds ever designed for handguns, magnums pack a big wallop.

Machine Gun
Take an assault rifle, and make it a lot bigger.

Perfect Shot
Legend has it that this mythical sniper rifle, a truly priceless relic, never misses its target.